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Livescribe Echo Smartpen 8GB Intro

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Livescribe Echo Smartpen 8GB Features

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    • Micro-USB Connector:

      Transfers notes and audio to your computer and recharges your smartpen using a standard cable connection.

    • Audio Jack:

      Standard 3.5mm jack fits your own earphones or the Echo 3–D Recording Premium Headset to enable binaural recording.

    • Microphone:

      Capture your meetings or lectures with crisp clear sound.

    • OLED Display:

      High–contrast OLED display makes it easy to navigate smartpen apps.

    • Built-in Speaker:

      Built–in speaker produces rich full sound to play back your recorded audio.

    • Memory Storage:

      Holds 400 or 800 hours of recorded audio. (4GB and 8GB models available)

    • Soft Rubber Grip:

      The new ergonomic design and soft rubber grip provide comfort while writing.

    • Replaceable Ink Tip:

      Simply remove the ink cartridge with your fingers and insert a new one.


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Livescribe Echo Smartpen 8GB Gallery

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Livescribe Echo Smartpen 8GB Specs

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      Hardware: Product Design - Sleek ergonomic design with soft rubber grip

      Processor: ARM 9

      Screen: 96x18 OLED Display

      Camera: High speed infrared camera (over 70 images/sec)


      • 8GB NAND (over 800 hours recording time)*
      • Actual available memory will be less. Recording time varies by audio quality setting.

      Battery: Rechargeable lithium (non-removable)

      Audio–Record: Smartpen embedded microphone - mono recording**


      • Embedded speaker
      • Standard 3.5mm audio jack for use with your favorite earbuds or the Echo 3-D Premium Recording Headset**
      • **3-D Premium Recording Headset is required for binaural or stereo recording, and is sold separately.

      PC Connectivity: Micro USB cable for charging and data transfer

      Size & Weight - Length: 158 mm (6.22 in.)

      • Width: 19.7 mm (0.78 in.) at top, 11.5 mm (0.45 in.) at tip
      • Weight: 36 grams (1.3 oz.) without cap


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