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Elonex 710EB touchscreen colour eBook Features

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    • A Reading Revolution:

      The eBook’s 7” screen is a window to a world of next generation digital content. Without the limitations of a still printed page, the eBook lets you read colour eBooks, digital magazines, news, interactive books, comics, cooking books, travel guides and much more. Automatically turn from portrait to landscape just by rotating the eBook, and quickly change the font size to make reading easy on the eye.

    • Wonderful in Colour:

      The eBook uses an amazing LCD screen to let you view pages in glorious colour, and its LED backlight means its great to read at night or in bed. With its touch sensitive screen you can navigate through menus and quickly turn pages with just a flick of your finger.

    • eBook and freeBook:

      The eBook has storage space for around 1000 books (expandable to up to 60,000 books) and comes preloaded with 100 free eBooks to get your digital bookcase started. The eBook uses ePub and PDF (as well as various less widespread formats) with Adobe DRM protection so whether you want the latest chart-topping novel or access to over a million free eBooks, you can download new content in no time.

    • Music, Videos, and Photos:

      With its widescreen LCD the eBook is a great way to unwind and enjoy your favourite Music, Video & Photos. With your favourite multimendia at your fingertips, its a fun way to share content with friends and family. Play MP3s and WMA music. View JPEG, PNG and GIF Photos. Play AVI movie clips. Stream media from the web. Play audio through the onboard speaker or plug in headphones or external speakers to really get the party started.

    • Style and Substance:

      Designed with minimalist, ultra-modern styling, the lightweight eBook is both portable and powerful. Energy efficient components deliver breakthrough performance letting you read for up to 10 hours between charges.

    • Connectivity:

      The eBook connects to your PC using the new universal microUSB cable to let you transfer eBooks and multimedia with ease. Its even got Wi-Fi (b/g) so you can download directly to the eBook wirelessly.


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