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MSI Wind Top AE2400 All-in-One PC Features

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    • The Best Audio Quality – MSI Premium Sound Technology:

      Maintaining the previous generation AE2220's hi-fi acoustics, the AE2400 features speakers with a metal diaphragm design concept that increases sound density and produces exquisite highs and deep bass. In addition to continuing to offer full range right/left channel 5W hi-fi speakers, an AIO PC industry pioneering 10W subwoofer has been added to bring sound performance to the next level, making it more suited for gaming, movies, and multimedia audio applications.

    • The Most Outstanding Control – Large Multi-Touch 23.6” Displ:

      Wind Top AE2400 comes with a 23.6" display with 16:9 aspect ratio and a built-in multi-touch panel that offers precision controls and faster response time. With a touchscreen display, selecting, dragging, and resizing objects has never been easier. The intuitive and user-friendly interface blends technology with life, making computers easier and more fun to use—suitable for the whole family.

    • The Best Software – Intimate User Interface:

      In addition to formidable audio/video functionality, the AE2400 also features an equally impressive upgrade to its software control interface. MSI's software R&D team used the entire family as a starting point and developed a design from the perspective of a user. At the same time, the team incorporated an abundance of information functions such as weather forecasts, instant messaging, message boards, and more. With a more intimate interface, the AE2400 is suitable for users of any age.

    • The Ultimate in Performance – Intel® Core™ 2 Quad Processor:

      The Wind Top AE2400 comes with the Intel® Core™2 Quad processor that is designed to handle major computing and visualization workloads through its powerful multi-core technology. With 4 processor cores, up to 12MB of shared L2 cache memory, and an FSB speed of up to 1333 MHz, coding, mapping, editing, or streaming HD multimedia with the Intel Core 2 Quad processor can provide ample power to satisfy the highest program requirements.

    • The Most Excitement – Full HD Cinematic Playback:

      The Wind Top AE2400 has a 1920 x 1080 resolution display that easily reproduces the clarity and distinctness of images. By experiencing the extremely alluring quality of images, users can enjoy a more exquisite visual experience. Also, with HDMI In (Optional) support, the AE2400 can project brilliant audio and video on its large screen display with accurate colors and Full HD image quality that will leave you absolutely astounded.

    • The Most Powerful Functionality – Built-in ATI Mobility Imag:

      With ATI's Image Processing Technology, the Wind Top AE2400 provides outstanding performance in Full HD video playback, streaming 3D games, and video/image editing applications while accentuating the fluid qualities of the Windows 7 operating system. Its opulent and ultra-powerful capabilities put the AE2400 at the pinnacle of flawless audio and video entertainment.


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