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Samsung U250 All-in-One PC Intro

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Samsung U250 All-in-One PC Features

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    • Less Cables Mean More Space:

      Unlike a conventional PC, you do not need a monitor and speaker cables. The Samsung U250 All-in-One PC only has one power cable, leaving you with more freedom.

    • Perfect Start with Only a Power Button:

      The Samsung U250 All-in-One PC is so easy and comfortable for all to use. With only a single power button for the entire system, it's as easy as turning a television on.

    • Built-in-Wi-Fi:

      With built in Wireless LAN the Samsung U250 All-in-One PC will always allow you to be connected, and gives you more freedom and comfort in the living room, kitchen, or anywhere in your home. Enjoy faster download speeds and more stable wireless connection than conventional wireless LAN.

    • Touch of Color:

      With an ultra slim, high gloss and crystal edge design the Samsung U250 All-in-One PC will not look out of place in any part of the home.

    • Slim and Modern:

      Samsung U250 All-in-One PC's sleek high gloss, crystal edge design captures the essence of today's family lifestyle and would fit just about anywhere in your home.

    • Low Power Consumption for a Greener World:

      Unlike conventional desktop PC's and monitors the Samsung U250 All-in-One PC consumes less power because the PC and monitor are interlocked. Compared to a conventional desktop system with monitor, the Samsung U250 All-in-One PC has 33% power saving effect when in Windows and 35% saving when running 3D games. (*3D mark test reults)

    • Multi-Touch Screen:

      Samsung U250 All-in-One PC has a 23-inch (1920x1080) Full HD LCD screen with 16:9 aspect ratio that is suitable for rich multimedia content, games and movies. Surf the internet without a keyboard or mouse at your fingertips. Also video and music playback is so simple and easy with the 23" Full HD Multitouch Screen.

    • Play Touch 2.0:

      You can enjoy the full features of the Samsung U250 All-in-One PC with Play-Touch 2.0 software, Samsung's proprietary touch software. Without a mouse, you will be able to search news, pictures and video using just your fingers.


Samsung U250 All-in-One PC Gallery

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Samsung U250 All-in-One PC Specs

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    • Basic Specs

      Operation System: Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium (32 bit)

      Processor: Intel® Core™ 2 Duo Processor (2.2 GHz)

      Memory: 4GB (DDR3 / 2GB x 2)

      Full Specs

      Main Chipset: Intel® PM45

      Memory Slot: 2 x SODIMM

      Display: 23" LED Full HD (1920x1080) 16:9 Gloss

      Graphic: nVIDIA GeForce 310M, 512MB gDDR3

      Storage: HDD 500GB (5400rpm S-ATA)

      Communication: Wired Ethernet Gigabit LAN, Wireless LAN 802.11bg/n


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