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Performance Series Laundry Pair Intro

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Performance Series Laundry Pair Features

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    • Fresh Hold® Dynamic Venting:

      An exclusive built-in fan and tumbling action at the end of the cycle keep damp clothes smelling just-washed fresh for up to ten hours.

      *Models MHWE450W, MHW550W and MHWE950W


    • Power Wash:

      Powerful cleaning action, and an additional deep rinse are combined to help remove dirt and stains from the toughest loads.

      *Models MHWE400W, MHWE450W, MHW550W and MHWE950W


    • Superior Vibration Control:

      Advanced balancing software combined with commercial-grade parts delivers significantly less noise and vibration.

    • 3.9 cu. ft. Capacity Washer:

      Fit more clothes into every load. With 3.9 cu. ft. capacity, the Performance Series washer has our largest front load capacity ever.

    • High Efficiency:

      Use up to 70% less water and energy with the ENERGY STAR® qualified Performance Series washer*.

      *Compared to pre-2004 conventional top-load units.


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    • Sanitize Cycle:

      Temperatures reach 155ºF to eliminate 99.9% of certain household bacteria in items like pillows and stuffed animals.

      *Models ME/GDE500V/W and ME/GDE900V



    • Supersize Capacity Plus:

      The 7.5. cu. ft. dryer drum is perfectly matched with the capacity of the Performance Series washer so loads stay in sync.

      *Model ME/GDE900V


    • Steam Enhanced Cycles:

      A fine mist is evenly distributed into a heated dryer drum while clothes tumble to produce steam, removing odors and relaxing wrinkles.

      *Models ME/GDE500V/W and ME/GDE900V



Performance Series Laundry Pair Dimensions

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