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Competitive Analysis - The Windsor Sensor Vacuum Intro

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Competitive Analysis - The Windsor Sensor Vacuum Features

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    • General Assembly:

      The Sensor was designed for ease of maintenance and serviceability. The Spectrum is much more complicated to disassemble.

    • Bag Housing:

      The Spectrum door closure system is easy to defeat. You are able to operate the machine without a filter bag or exhaust filter in place. The cover construction and housing is weak and flimsy.

      The Sensor has a safety feature that prevents the machine from operating if there is no bag present.

    • Bag Release Mechanism:

      The Spectrum bag holder mechanism is very flimsy. The manufacturer offers the assembly as a replacement kit.

    • Filter Bag Capacity:

      The filter bag capacity on the Sensor is 5.3 liters, while the capacity of the Spectrum bag is only 4 liters, resulting in higher bag consumption and costs.

    • Brush Height Adjustment:

      The Sensor XP offers electronic brush height adjustment, protecting the motor and brushes.

      On the Spectrum, the Brush height adjustment is manually operated.

    • Brush Roller:

      Twist-off bearing blocks on the Spectrum are 100% plastic and break easily. The brush roller construction is questionable and the brush costs less because it is cheaply made. It is also possible to incorrectly install the brush backwards.

    • Vacuum Motor:

      The Spectrum vacuum motor is housed in the vacuum body, providing no way for operator to separate the two components.

      The motor on the Sensor is located in the base, allowing the body to be removed from the base.

      The Sensor offers a 1200 watt motor as opposed to the Spectrum motor, which is 1000 watts.


    • Vacuum Profile:

      Spectrum vacuum head has a higher profile than the Sensor. The Spectrum head loses contact with the floor in flat-to-floor cleaning.

    • Internal Base:

      The Spectrum features a mechanical clutch vs. electronic safety clutch in the Sensor. The Sensor's robust system provides more reliable performance over the life of the vacuum.

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    • Wheel Assembly:

      The Sensor wheels are connected to the vacuum body with a full steel axle for stability and longevity.

      On the Spectrum base, the wheels are connected directly to plastic base with no axle, making them subject to breakage.

    • Foot Pedal Release:

      The Sensor foot pedal release is sturdily construced and steel-reinforced.

      The foot pedal on the Spectrum is plastic and breaks easily.

    • Access to Vacuum Port:

      The Sensor offers access to the vacuum path through a hinged door in the base, allowing for easy removal of clogs.

      There is no access to the vacuum path on the Spectrum. To remove clogs, you must remove the entire base cover.


Competitive Analysis - The Windsor Sensor Vacuum Testimonials

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    • The Ellen DeGeneres Show:

      The Sensor vacuum appears on the Ellen DeGeneres show as Ellen is a maid for the day.

    • Late Night with Jay Leno Show:

      12 year old Kyle Krichbaum is a young collector of vacuums, and mentions Windsor vacuums by name on Jay Leno.

    • New York Times:

      New York's Grand Hotel depends on the Windsor Sensor.

    • People Magazine & Celine Dion:

      Celine Dion poses in Las Vegas with a Windsor Sensor vacuum - as featured in People magazine.

    • Oscars®:

      The Sensor even appears at the Academy Awards®. And the Best Vacuum Award goes to...Windsor!

    • Statue of Liberty:

      A man vacuums near a replica of the face of the Statue of Liberty in the statue's visitors center in New York.

    • Windsor Vacuums the White House:

      The Sensor is not the only star in the Windsor line. the Versamatic makes an appearance at the white house.

    • Trade my mother:

      Richard "Bo" Bodo
      Director of Business Development


Competitive Analysis - The Windsor Sensor Vacuum Specs

  • Specification 1

    •  Vacuum Motor

    • Sensor:
      High Performance, 2-Stage, 1.6 hp (1200 watts), 90" Waterlift, 105 cfm Airflow

      120V, 60 Hz, 1,000 watt, 9 amp, 2-stage

  • Specification 2

    • Brush Speed

    • Sensor:
      5400 brush contacts per minute, 2700 rpm

      2,800 rpm

  • Specification 3

    • Bag Construction

    • Sensor:
      Triple layer bag

      Double layer bag

  • Specification 4

    • Bag Capacity

    • Sensor:
      5.3 liters

      4 liters

  • Specification 5

    • Working Width

    • Sensor:
      12" (30 cm)

      11.5" (29.2 cm)

  • Specification 6

    • Sound Level

    • Sensor:
      67 dBA

      69 dBA

  • Specification 7

    • Tools

    • Sensor:
      On-board crevice and upholstery tools, optional soft vac cover, dusting brush and clip available

      Wand, crevice and upholstery tool

  • Specification 8

    • Warranty

    • Sensor:
      Lifetime on belts
      3 Years - Vacuum Motor/Neck/Chasis
      5 Years - Brush Motor/Bag Housing

      2 years on belts
      2 Years - Vacuum Motor/Neck/Chasis
      1 Years - Brush Motor/Bag Housing


Competitive Analysis - The Windsor Sensor Vacuum Components

  • Appearance

    The Sensor is rugged and solidy built, designed for quality and dependability. the Spectrum is cheaply constructed and the latest in a series of "knock offs" that have ultimately failed in the market.

  • Fit and finish

    You get what you pay for. The construction of the Spectrum vacuum is mostly cheaply-made plastic. It looks sturdy at first glance but is actually very flimsy, and the plastic causes increased noise due to rattling. The Spectrum is built for low cost, not longevity.

  • Bag Housing

    The Spectrum is cheaply constructed and is prone to damage and air leakage.

  • Brush and Bearing Block

    The 100% plastic bearing block breaks easily. The brush core and drivers are not made to last and will be a service and noise issue. The brush roller construction is questionable, and it costs less because it is cheaply made.

  • Bag Clip

    The clip system is weak and will wear/break quickly.

  • "No Bag" Safety Mechanism

    The door closure system on the Spectrum is very easy to defeat. It is very easy to over-ride the "no bag" safety feature and operate the vacuum with no filter bag or exhaust filter in place.

  • No Motor Filter Safety Mechanism

    The bag and door can easily be put back on without the motor filter, showing that there is no "no motor filter" safety mechanism.

  • Foot Pedal Release

    The pedal is constructed of plastic, flimsy and subject to breakage.

  • Wheel Assembly

    The wheels on the Spectrum are connected directly to the plastic base, making them subject to damage, premature wear and breakage. There is not a complete axle that runs through the base unit like there is on the Sensor vacuum.

  • HEPA Filter

    The HEPA filter requires frequent replacement.

  • Clog Removal

    There is difficulty cleaning out the vacuum port when the clog develops near the brush.

  • Vacuum Hose Access

    The only way to access the vacuum hose near the brush is to remove the cover and pull out the hose. If this hose is not replaced properly you will lose productivity in the vacuum.

  • Vacuum Bag Filtration

    The Spectrum vacuum features a two layer bag versus the Windsor triple-check three layer filter bag.

  • Vacuum Bag Capacity

    The Spectrum vacuum bag has a 4 liter capacity versus the Sensor's 5.3 liter vacuum bag. A higher bag consumption is the result of the lower bag capacity of the Spectrum.

  • Clutch System

    The Spectrum has a mechanical clutch system compared to Sensor's fully electronic clutch system.

  • Clutch Assembly

    The Spectrum's clutch assembly is very simple, thinly designed and subject to breakage. With the cover removed the bearings are exposed and the top must be replaced for the bearing block to stabilize.


Competitive Analysis - The Windsor Sensor Vacuum Side-By-Side

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