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BestView™ Handheld Color Video Monitor Intro

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BestView™ Handheld Color Video Monitor Features

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    • Award-winning design:

      The BestView™ Handheld was named the Best Digital video monitor on the market in 2010 by Babble.com.  Babble showered the monitor with praise, saying the "stellar performer provides clear digital audio and video reception, a 350' range and a large 2.5" color screen on the handheld. We loved its clarity, the ability to pan and zoom with a mini joystick on the handheld and the wide range of audio settings."  

    • Large screen for easy viewing:

      The unit features a 2.5-inch LCD screen with beautiful clarity.  When the sun goes down, the monitor automatically switches to black and white night vision so you'll always be able to keep a good eye on your little bundle of joy.

    • Crystal-clear reception:

      The unit features 100% digital technology for a secure and private connection up to 350 feet away.  There will be no need to worry about looking at the screen and seeing your neighbor's baby instead of yours!

    • One touch on/off button:

      With the one-touch video on/off button, parents will be able to have peace of mind while enjoying the comfort of their bed.  Simply press the button to turn off the screen while the audio remains on.

    • Be your own director:

      With the unit's pan/zoom button, you get to be the director of your favorite reality show.  Control the camera in your baby's room simply by moving the button.  What's your little one watching so intently from their crib?  No need to fret - it's just your cat roaming around the nursery.

    • See the sound:

      With the monitor's LED sound lights, you will be able to see exactly how intense your baby's cries really are.

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    • Complete control:

      The camera has the ability to pan and zoom thanks to an innovative hinge design.  Parents are able to control the camera's movements remotely using the receiver unit.

    • Find the best location:

      The camera can be placed on a table top or easily mounted on a wall to provide better views.  The unit comes with a wall anchor and security clips for installation.


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