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Mighty Mule Wireless Driveway Alarm Features

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    • Advanced Vehicle Detection Technology:

      The Mighty Mule Wireless Driveway Alarm’s specially designed electromagnetic technology detects vehicles entering and exiting the driveway and alerts you with an indoor chime.

    • No False Detections:

      Mighty Mule’s electromagnetic technology only detects large moving metal objects, such as a vehicle or motorcycle, eliminating any annoying false detections caused by animals or people; common with other “motion detecting” systems on the market today.

    • Security and Convenience:

      The Wireless Driveway Alarm provides security and convenience for anyone looking to have advance notification of someone pulling into your driveway, whether a home or business. Ideal for also monitoring parked boats, RVs, or motorcycles.

    • Universal Driveway Application:

      The transmitter and in-ground sensor can be installed anywhere alongside the driveway, and the sensor will detect a vehicle passing by within an adjustable 3 - 12 foot radius.

    • Extended Wireless Range:

      The sensor/transmitter can be installed up to 400’ away from the indoor receiver.

    • Fast and Flexible Installations:

      The battery powered transmitter/sensor and plug-in indoor receiver installs in just minutes and provides you peace of mind knowing when a vehicle approaches your home or business.


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Mighty Mule Wireless Driveway Alarm Instructions


    • Locate a place at the entrance to the driveway that is at least 25 feet from the roadway and neighbor’s driveway and no more than 400 feet from the house or building where the in-door RECEIVER will be located.

    • The electromagnetic driveway SENSOR is placed 10-12 inches in the ground parallel and next to the edge of the driveway at this location.


    • The SENSOR has a fifteen-foot direct burial cable that connects to the TRANSMITTER. The TRANSMITTER can be placed in flowerbeds or bushes for concealment and to prevent damage from lawnmowers or vehicles.

    • When the SENSOR cable is plugged into the TRANSMITTER and a 25 foot area around the TRANSMITTER is clear of any metal objects, install the two “AA” batteries.


    • The indoor RECEIVER is powered by an AC transformer that plugs into any 110 Volt AC outlet, and can be placed on any convenient counter, table, or work surface.

    • Once the indoor RECEIVER is plugged in, the POWER LED will light up and there will be a confirmation “beep” tone.


    • To test the range and system, have someone drive past the SENSOR to be sure the RECEIVER is activated when the vehicle passes. It may be necessary to adjust the position of the TRANSMITTER or RECEIVER for optimum results.


Mighty Mule Wireless Driveway Alarm Specs

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      Provides driveway monitoring for home, work place or property.

      Keep track of vehicles entering or exiting your property with the Mighty Mule Driveway Alarm (FM231) When a vehicle passes the sensor, the receiver emits an audible tone and lets you know someone’s there.

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      • Instantly be alerted when someone pulls into or out of your driveway.
      • Functional range of up to 400 ft.
      • Indoor chime announces visitors or unwelcome guests.
      • Electromagnetic sensor only senses large metal objects avoiding false signals due to animals or children.
      • Adjustible code settings eliminate the possibility of interference from neighbors’ driveway alarm.
      • Indoor receiver plugs into a standard wall outlet and can be mounted on a table or wall.
      • Multiple indoor receivers can be added for more convenience.
      • Effective, affordable and easy-to-install kit.
      • Transmitter requires 2 “AA” batteries (not included).
      • Low battery indicator on the Indoor receiver alerts you when the transmitter’s batteries are low.
      • 12 month warranty


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