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Water Leak Sensor Alert Features

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    • Water Leak Alert:

      Be alerted when you have a water leak. Our wireless water leak sensor can let you know you have a leak. Operational range is up to 150 feet.

    • Choice Alert Control Center:

      Required for operation.

    • Easy to Set Up and Use:
    • Requires 2032 Battery (included):

      Batteries are included and last up to two years. Replacements are readily available.


Water Leak Sensor Alert Category Video

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Water Leak Sensor Alert Product Video

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Water Leak Sensor Alert Instructions

  • Water Leak Sensor Alert
  • PreCautions
  • Parts Check List

    Identify all the parts before proceeding.

  • Preparing Water Leak Sensor for Installation
  • Installation
  • Installation
  • Installation

    Note: If postioning the probe to a metal surface, ensure the Probe’s contacts do not touch the metal surface.

    Next, stretch the cable vertically and locate a suitable position to mount the transmitter. Follow the same mounting instructions above for mounting the transmitter.

    Once the Water Leak Sensor is mounted, you’ll need to assign it to a Zone on the Control Center.

  • Assigning the Sensor to a Zone
  • Follow Steps to Assign a Zone

    Step 1 – Press and hold the Learn button on the Control Center for three seconds. When the Control Center sounds a long beep, release the Learn button.

    Step 2 – Press the Zone button (1, 2, 3 or 4) for the Zone you want to assign to the Water Leak Sensor. The LED indicator for that Zone will begin to flash.

    Step 3 – Release the Zone button.
    Note: Zone 4 is for dedicated alerts only. Sensors in this Zone will not trigger an alarm or chime.

    Step 4 – For the Water Leak Sensor, place the contacts in a small bowl of water, or use a metal paperclip and touch both contacts.


Water Leak Sensor Alert Accessories

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