Schiller Grounds Care, Inc. - BOB-CAT® Full Size ZT Mowers: Cutter Deck (2) Product Demo

BOB-CAT® Full Size ZT Mowers: Cutter Deck (2) Deck Removal

  • Remove the height Pin and lower the deck all the way.
  • Remove all 4 chains at the deck.

    Don’t remove them at the top where the adjusting link is because that will require you re-leveling the deck.

  • Remove PTO belt

    Pull up on the PTO belt and roll it counterclockwise off the center spindle pulley.

  • Remove the bolt that holds the pin in the trailing link.
  • Pull deck from unit

    Roll the deck slightly forward to get it out of the way of the trailing links and then proceed to pull it from under the unit.

  • Reassembly is simply the reverse procedure.


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