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Callaway uPro GPS Intro

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Callaway uPro GPS Overview

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    • Compact Size:

      With the Callaway uPro being nearly half the size and weight of competing products, it’s small and light enough to fit in your pocket or on your belt without obstructing your golf swing.

    • No Annual Fees:

      There are no annual or membership fees; enhanced functionality in ProMode™ is available on a one-time, per course download fee, while Basic Mode is free with the purchase of the device.

    • Pro Mode™:

      The true power of the Callaway uPro; ProMode provides enhanced functionality, including Video Flyovers, AnyPoint™ and SmartView™ technologies, for golfers who are looking for every advantage on the course to enhance their game**

      **ProMode requires a one-time, per course download fee

    • Course Availability:

      Database of more than 20,000 courses are available to download.

    • GPS:

      Super fast GPS locking allows for the quickest startup time. High GPS sensitivity ensures that the Callaway uPro remains locked under the most extreme conditions.

    • Screen:

      Vivid, full-color 2.2” LCD screen with twice the resolution of the competitors’ screens.

    • Additional Benefits:

      Additional benefits of the uPro include: 50 course capacity, automatic hold advancing, shot distance measuring, and expandable memory


Callaway uPro GPS View Modes

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    • Green View:

      Distances to front, middle, and back of the greens with large, easy to read numbers.

    • Hazard View:

      Distance to front and back of all hazards and differentiates the type of hazard.

    • Courses Available:

      Basic Mode is available for free on all courses in our 20,000 course database.

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    • Actual Imagery:

      Hi-resolution imagery to clearly show the layout of each hole with precise distances to help navigate the course.

    • Any Point™ Technology:

      Taking the best of both GPS and Laser Rangefinders, AnyPoint™  technology allows you to measure to and from any point on the hole; also enables lay-up distance measurements.

    • Video Flyovers:

      Tour style aerial flyover shows the layout of each hole prior to play; yardage markers are super-imposed.

    • SmartView™:

      Automatically generates the proper views of the course, which provides the ideal view of the hole for the next shot based on current location.  As your position on the course changes, so does the view of the course.

    • Additional Service:

      Pro Mode™ offers a one-time per course download fee; pay for only the courses you want from our 20,000 course database.


Callaway uPro GPS Gallery

Front View

Left View

Right View


Soft Case

Protective Cover

Belt Clip

Car Mount Kit

Golf Bag Mount

Car Charger


Expansion Memory Card


Callaway uPro GPS Specifications

  • Specification 1

    • Size (L x W):
      Screen Size:
      Screen Type:
      Battery Type:
      Battery Life:
      Charging Time:
      Expandable Memory:
      Device Course Capacity:

      Course Availability:
      PC/MAC Interface:


    • 4.0” x 2.0”
      3.1 Ounces
      320 x 240
      10 – 12 Hours
      Approximately 3 Hours
      50 Courses
      17,000 +
      1 – 3 Yards
      6 Months


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    • Included with Purchase of Callaway uPro:

      • Wall Charger
      • USB Cable
      • Rechargeable Battery

      • Quick Start Guide
      • Player's Guide
      • Headphones



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