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Odyssey Divine Line Blade Putter Overview

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    • To Dominate is Divine:

      The Blade, the Rossie, Odyssey's core model, the 2-Ball and the Marxman, more progressive models, make up the Divine Line - new women golf clubs specially sized, weighted, and balanced for women who want to dominate the game on the green. Because to dominate is divine.

    • Golf Clubs for Women by Odyssey:

      Quite possibly the best putter for women golfers, The Divine Line was created exclusively for women golfers. Other golf clubs for women are merely modified men's clubs. While inspired by Odyssey's most popular models, each feature of the Divine Line was developed with the female putting stroke and playing style in mind.

    • Heavier Head Weight:

      Provides the optimal weighting in combination with the shorter shaft lengths in our ladies’ golf putters to maximize consistency and distance control, enhance feel and provide better roll characteristics.

    • Softer Head Shapes and Styling:

      Our ladies’ golf putters feature blue and silver accents, feminine graphics and softer designs.

    • Tour-Proven Alighnment Technologies:

      Alignment systems help make lining up putts easier and more accurate.

    • Multi-Layer Insert:

      Constructed of a soft elastomer core that’s highly resilient for enhanced feel and a truer roll. The thin outer striking surface infused with urethane is firmer for fine-tuned responsiveness. The insert also allows weight to be shifted to the perimeter of the head for a higher Moment of Inertia and better stability.


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Odyssey Divine Line Blade Putter Specifications

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