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LG Lcd-Televisie 32LH3300 - 32 inch - Full HD Benefits

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    • FULL HD 1080P Resolution:

      Enjoy twice the picture quality of standard HDTV with almost double the pixel resolution. See sharper details like never before. Just imagine a Blu-ray disc or video game seen on your new LG Full HD 1080p TV.

    • Contemporary Design:

      The perfect balance of style and elegance to keep in harmony with your home.

    • Smart Energy Saving:

      In addition to adhering to the new Energy Star 3.0 specification, LG HDTVs have energy-saving options like the ability to choose a content-specific setting, "video mute" or engaging exclusive Intelligent Sensor technology. *not all features available on all models

    • ISFccc Ready:

      LG’s ISFccc Ready HDTVs contain the detailed standards necessary for professional calibration of contrast, tint, sharpness and color levels to meet local lighting conditions for both day and night time viewing. Settings are added to preset modes for easy access from your LG remote.


LG Lcd-Televisie 32LH3300 - 32 inch - Full HD Core Technologies

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LG Lcd-Televisie 32LH3300 - 32 inch - Full HD Key Feature Functionality


    Customized modes for the content of your choice

    Optimize picture settings based on content type - Cinema, Sports or Games.  Different family members have different preferences. The TV must be customized to provide a full experience for viewing different contents.  The AV Mode II allows you to customize the picture and sound quality to ennance your viewing experience accordingly.

  • Picture Wizard

    The picture quality adjust system developed by the foremost experts in picture quality.

    You're the expert when it comes to adjusting the picture quality of your LG TV.  The picture quality control guide installed in the LG LCD TV allow you to easily control the picture quality in the following the adjust guide developed by visual specialists.

  • Clear Voice II

    The power to control only the volume of voices

    Automatically enhances the sound of the human voice when background noice swells.  A reporter at the scene of a hot scoop.   What if the surronding noise buries her voice?  Or what if you wish to hear the roar of the spectators more than the sports caster?  During a battle scene in a ware movie, you want the realism of the surrounding noise as much as you want to hear the actor's lines.

  • Invisible Speakers

    Great sound is meant to be heard, not seen!

    Entire front cabinet is turned into the speaker system, tuned by audio expert Mr. Mark Levinson.  Our Invisible Speakers beautifully hidden are designed with simplicity and aesthetic enhancement in mind.  Because you don't need to see the speakers to know it's there.

  • Smart Energy Saving

    A Big Screen TV that Delivers Big Savings

    The Backlight control function controls the brightness of the TV, while the Screen Off function lets you switch off the screen while keeping the sound or music alive.  Thand by Mode 0 function switches your TV to a power saving mode where zero electricity is used, ultimately enabling your to cut down on unnecessary electricty usage.


LG Lcd-Televisie 32LH3300 - 32 inch - Full HD Brochure and Specs

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