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Modern Masters Countertop Transformations Intro

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Modern Masters Countertop Transformations What is it?

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    • What is it?:

      Countertop Transformations is a simple, affordable and hassle-free way to transform your worn or damaged laminate countertops into beautiful, durable, new counter surfaces - in under a weekend and without the hefty mess and high cost of countertop replacement.

    • Quick & Simple Project:
      • Simple, easy-to-apply coating system
      • No messy demolition - leave your existing countertops and sinks in place
      • Do-it-yourself in one weekend; save time and money
      • Create a new look without having to replace countertops
    • Beautiful Results:
      • Fresh, new countertops
      • Designer finish at an affordable price
      • Available in an array of timeless colors
      • Quality that lasts - no fading or dulling
      • Transforms countertop surfaces in your home - kitchen & bath countertops, bars, tables and more
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    • Adhesive Base Coat:
      • Maximum adhesion
      • Non-peeling; fuses tightly to original countertops
      • Low-odor and easy to apply
    • Decorative Color Chips:
      • Available in an array of timeless colors
      • Colorfast, fade-resistant pigment
      • Enhances durability while beautifying surfaces
    • Protective Top Coat:
      • Breakthrough non-yellowing, siliconized epoxy formula
      • Cross-linking technology for ultimate durability
      • Industrial strength for superior household stain and water resistance
      • Tough enough to handle harsh (non-abrasive) household cleaners
      • Affordable, designer finish that lasts
      • Reinforced with HomeShield™ Antimicrobial Protection
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    • Guaranteed Durability:


      If you are dissatisfied with this product, contact Modern Masters Product Support at 1-800-899-1527 for a full refund of the purchase price.


Modern Masters Countertop Transformations What's Included

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Modern Masters Countertop Transformations Kit Colors

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Modern Masters Countertop Transformations Application Video

  • Introduction

    One (1) Kit will coat an area of up to 50 square feet or 20 linear feet including the front edge and backsplash; a typical kitchen countertop area. Properly measure your countertops prior to starting the project. If your countertop area is larger than 50 square feet (20 linear feet) you’ll need additional Kits to complete your project.

    Visit www.ModernMastersTransformations.com to use the measurement tool.

  • Begin Your Transformation

    To properly prepare the countertop you will need to repair dents and cracks, clean the surface, and then prepare countertops by thoroughly de-glossing and scuffing using the Diamond Embedded Sanding Tool. This allows the Adhesive Base Coat used in the next step to attain maximum adhesion.

  • Applying the Base Coat

    Once the countertop has been prepared, you will apply the Adhesive Base Coat that will fuse to the old countertop and which will bond the Decorative Chips to the new surface. If you have a section that is over six (6) feet long, have a second person help you apply the Adhesive Base Coat.

  • Decorative Chip Application

    Decorative Chips need to be dispersed quickly over the entire surface
    of the countertop before the Adhesive Base Coat dries. By the time you
    have finished, the entire countertop, backsplash, and front edge should
    be completely covered with Decorative Chips.

  • Finishing the Surface

    At this point, the rough-to-the-touch, Decorative Chip surface will be scraped and sanded to a beautiful, smooth finish using the Chip Scraper and the Diamond Embedded Sanding Tool.

  • Top Coat Application

    In this final step, the low-odor Protective Top Coat will create a beautiful, lasting and protective finish for your new countertop surfaces. The Protective Top Coat is low-odor, and requires no special ventilation.


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