Rust-Oleum - Rust-Oleum Patina Product Demo

Rust-Oleum Patina Intro

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Rust-Oleum Patina Features

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    • Old World Beauty:
    • Fast, Fun and Easy!:
      • Spray Base Coat
      • Brush-on Top Coat
      • Foam Brush
      • Abrasive Pad
      • Plastic Gloves
      • Decorating Idea Book
    • Easy to Follow Instructions:
    • Turn Ordinary into Extraordinary:


Rust-Oleum Patina Instructions

  • Spray
  • Pad
  • Brush
  • Blot
  • Candle Stand
  • Chair


Rust-Oleum Patina Specs

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      • Available in two colors: LIght Patina and Dark Patina
      • All inclusive kit includes paint and necessary tools
      • Excellent adhesion, durability and protection
      • Provides rich, authentic aged metal finish
      • Can be used on indoor or outdoor metal, wood, plaster, unglazed ceramics and previously painted surfaces
      • One kit covers 8-10 sq. ft.


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