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Plantronics Explorer® 390 Bluetooth® Headset Intro

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Plantronics Explorer® 390 Bluetooth® Headset Features

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    • Noise, wind and echo reduction:

      Improved noise, wind and echo reduction technology for clear calls.

    • Multifunction Button:

      With the headset turned off, you just press and hold until LED flashes blue & red to enter QuickPair™ mode, which allows easy intial set up with a Bluetooth phone.

      This multi-function button also allows you to

      • Power headset on/off
      • Answer/end calls
      • Transfer a call to/from your handset
         to headset
      • Voice dialing/redialing if your phone
         supports the option

    • Easy Recharging:

      With up to 7 hours talk time or 8 days of standby time, the battery will keep you connected while you're on the go.

    • Dedicated Volume Control:

      Simply tap the volume button to cycle through the three settings.

    • Unique Eartip:

      A comfortable, contoured eartip directs sound into your ear so you hear your calls clearly. 

    • Slim Earloop:

      Lightweight form with slim earloop provides stability and all-day comfort, even with eyewear.

    • LED Status Alerts:

      The LED display alerts you to

      • power on/off
      • incoming calls
      • ongoing calls
      • missed calls
      • low battery
      • pairing mode status


Plantronics Explorer® 390 Bluetooth® Headset Charge | Pair | Fit | Call


    1) Plug the charger into a power outlet before connecting headset to micro USB cable.

    2) Charge for at least 20 minutes before first time use, or two hours to fully charge. LED glows red during charge cycle.   

    WARNING: Do not use headset while it is connected to the charger.


    1) Turn on your phone’s Bluetooth feature.

    2) With headset turned off, press and hold call control button until LED flashes blue/red.

    3) Use phone's menu to search for Bluetooth devices. Select 3xxPlantronics.

    4) If prompted, enter 0000 for the passkey/code. Once paired, LED stops flashing blue/red.

    NOTE: This headset is equipped with Secure Simple Pairing (SSP). If your phone supports SSP, you will not have to follow step 4; you will instead see a message on your phone alerting you to a successful pairing.


    The headset can be worn on either ear.

    1) To remove the earloop, gently pull up on earloop near the Plantronics name until you hear a snap. To replace, gently snap back onto post.

    2) Position earloop as shown and place the earloop behind your ear. 


    Easy controls let you focus on your call


Plantronics Explorer® 390 Bluetooth® Headset Specs

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      The hands-free Plantronics Explorer®390 Bluetooth® headset with improved noise reduction features, delivers quality sound so you can listen and talk easily while you focus on the road.

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      • Noise, wind and echo reduction features for clear calls.
      • Easy one-touch features keep your focus on the road.
      • Battery status light indicates when you need a charge.
      • Fast and easy pairing with Bluetooth devices.
      • Unique, contoured eartip optimizes sound quality.
      • Lightweight design for a comfortable fit on either ear.
      • Up to 7 hours talk time or 8 days standby time.
      • 11g weight
      • 1.875" x 0.875" x 0.875" dimensions
      • 30 foot range with Bluetooth version 2.1 + EDR
      • 1 year limited warranty.  


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