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Maytag Bravos™ Laundry Pair Features

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    • Saves Time, Energy and Money:

      Bravos™ washers are 55% more energy efficient than standard top loaders.*

      *Based on 6 loads per week, normal cycle.

    • Innovative Design:

      A wash plate with fins continually tumbles clothes through the water to effectively clean without an agitator.

    • Adjusts to Your Washing Needs:

      The wash basket rotates faster when washing big loads and rocks gently for delicate ones.

    • Resists Chips, Scratches and Odors:

      Commercial-grade stainless steel wash basket maintains a smooth surface so fabrics won’t snag or pill.

    • Up to 1,000 RPM:

      The Magnetic Direct Drive System propels the motor, creating infinite cleaning, tumble and spin combinations.

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    • Steam Enhanced Drying:

      Heated air combines with mist to form steam to help relax wrinkles and remove odor.

    • No Need to Refill:

      The easy to install steam system connects to an existing water line, so there’s no need to fill a reservoir.

    • The Power of Steam, Times Two:

      Refresh a few items or rejuvenate a full load with two separate steam cycles.

    • GentleBreeze™ Drying System:

      Dries clothing in a counterclockwise loop to touch the entire load for faster consistent results.

    • Perfectly Dry:

      IntelliDry® Sensor measures moisture during cycle to reduce the risk of overdrying and shrinking.

    • SuperSize Capacity Plus:

      Offers the capacity to handle even your largest loads of laundry.


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