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Wahl® Clip'N Trim Features

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    • Numbered Guide Combs:

      Wahl makes home haircutting easy as 1 -2 - 3.

      • Finding the right numbered Guide Comb for your hairstyle is easy and convenient. Guaranteed not to snag or pull.  
      • Wahl’s “Smooth Glide” guide combs help make haircuts foolproof. Designed with a rounded tapered end for a smooth transition into the hair, Wahl’s “Smooth Glide” Guide combs do not scratch or scrape the scalp.  
      • The guide combs are designed to channel the hair close to the blade thus insuring a clean even cut.
    • Wahl Blades:
      • What makes Wahl® clipper blades a cut above the rest? Over 90 years of experience and a commitment to quality that’s reflected in superior materials and cutting edge technology. 
      • Wahl uses only precision-ground, fire-hardened blades for maximum cutting efficiency and long-lasting sharpness. The chromium steel top blade resists corrosion, assuring years of smooth operation. The high-carbon steel bottom blade features microscopic pores that actually release oil during operation for light self-lubrication. 
      • Wahl proprietary blade lapping technology provides superior cutting action while optimizing continual blade lubrication.
    • Taper Control:

      This Wahl Clipper comes equipped with a “Taper Lever” which can be used in conjunction with or without a guide comb. Use of the taper lever allows you to effect minute but precise adjustments to your desired length of cut.
      This is especially helpful to achieve a tapered look for necklines, fades or blending between sections.

    • Detail Trimmer:

      Clip’N Trim is the only clipper with a built-in detail trimmer for use on sideburns, necklines, and around the ears. Detail trimmer blades are narrower and cut twice as close as standard clipper blades.

      Converting to the Detail Trimmer is as Easy as 1-2-3

      1 - Cover flips up…

      2 - Guided by a sturdy hinge around the front of the blade…

      3 - Where it conveniently snaps into place, ready for detail work.

    • Electromagnetic Motor:
      • Innovation has been a hallmark of Wahl® since 1919. That was the year we invented the electric hair clipper. Today, that same cutting-edge technology goes into every clipper motor we make. 
      • Wahl’s electromagnetic motors generate a super-powerful 7,200 blade strokes per minute the highest of any motor of its type for incredibly smooth cutting.


Wahl® Clip'N Trim 360/Zoom

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Wahl® Clip'N Trim Video

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Wahl® Clip'N Trim Cutting & Blending

  • Instruction Book

    The Clip-n-Trim Instruction Books takes you step by step to achieve a great haircut.

  • Cutting - Step 1

    Comb hair and tangles. Attach the largest guide comb to the clipper. Make sure the taper lever is in the up position.

  • Cutting - Step 2

    Start at the hairline on side of head and cut up to middle of head.

    Note: If cut hair is too long repeat with next smaller guide comb.

  • Cutting - Step 3

    Continue around head repeating Step 2.

  • Cutting - Step 4

    You are now ready to cut the middle portion of the hair.

  • Cutting - Step 5

    Select the proper guide comb. Use the comb with the next highest number than in step 3.

    Example: If you used a #6 comb in step 3, select comb #7.

  • Cutting - Step 6

    Continue cutting around the middle portion of head as in steps 2 and 3.

  • Cutting - Step 7

    For cutting top of head, use the comb with the next highest number than in Step 6.
    Start at front bang area.

  • Cutting - Step 8

    Cut across top of head.

  • Cutting - Step 9

    Comb hair on entire head to assess if further cutting is necessary.

  • Blending - Step 10

    Blend out any cut lines. Lines may form where you change comb sizes. Use the same comb used in step 3 with taper lever in down position.

  • Blending - Step 11

    Using a rocking motion, blend out the middle cut line.

  • Blending - Step 12

    Using the comb used in step 8 repeat blending the top outline as in step 10.


Wahl® Clip'N Trim Quick How To's

  • Crew Cut - Step 1

    Select the guide comb for the desired length hair. Attach to clipper with the taper lever in the up position.

  • Crew Cut - Step 2

    Hold the clipper flat against the neck and slowly move the clipper through the hair as shown.

  • Crew Cut - Step 3

    Use the same procedure from the lower side of the head to the upper side of the head.

  • Crew Cut - Step 4

    Cut the top using a guide comb two sizes (lengths) longer than the comb used on sides. Start at the front and cut slowly to the back as shown.

  • Crew Cut - Step 5

    Around the ears.

  • Outlining - Step 1

    No attachments needed. Push the taper lever up to the close cut position.

  • Outlining - Step 2

    Start with the sideburns.

  • Outlining - Step 3

    Continue around ear as shown.

  • Outlining - Step 4

    Trim neckline as shown.

  • Tapering - Step 1

    The ear guide combs have a built in taper ranging from 1/8" to 1/2" .c

  • Tapering - Step 2

    Attach the left ear guide comb to the clipper. Put taper lever in down position.

  • Tapering - Step 3

    Hold the clipper at a slight angle just back of the ear at the hairline. Hold top of ear down.

  • Tapering - Step 4

    Move the clipper upward and around the ear.
    Repeat the same for the right ear with the right ear guide comb.


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