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Ping Carry Bags Intro

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Ping Carry Bags Features

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    • Overview:

      As a full featured carry bag, the Latitude V2 provides golfers innovation inside and out.  The internal bag frame combines with six individual dividers to improve club organization by tightening the bag body  to ensure separation for easy club removal and replacement.  Its patented retractable strap system features dual sliding straps for easy adjustement and comfort.

    • Water Resistant Pocket:

      built for rangefinders and other electronic items

    • 6-way top with Putter Well:

      The 6-way top features a molded putter well to improve putter access and overall club organization

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    • Overview:

      Engineered for function and style, the next generation Hoofer carries with it a history for performance and reliability.  Six reconfigured pocket designs improve access and storage options while giving the nylon bag a progressive sporty style.

    • 5-Way Mesh Top:

      5-way top with integrated handle and two full-length dividers separate clubs for improved club removal and replacement.

    • Dual Sliding Strap Pads:

      designed for easy adjustement while walking to ensure comfort

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    • Overview:

      The lightest of all Ping stand bags, the 4 Under meets the needs of the golfer who walks the course with a purpose.  The sleek design, made of a lightweight nylon, offers four functional pockets and a simplified four-way top with two individual dividers to keep the bag's weight low and performance high.

    • Water Bottle Pouch:

      Located on the bag's spine for convenient access while walking, includes elastic closure and drainage hole

    • Lightweight Nylon Material:

      The lightweight materials and sleek design make the 4 Under our lightest stand bag

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    • Overview:

      The next generation in the Moon Bag Series offers a standing strap for convenience and comfort.  A molded three-way top easily separates a full set of clubs for golfers seeking an alternative carry bag.

    • Adjustable Standing Strap:

      Reduces need to bend down to pick up a bag.  Strap folds down when not in use for easy storage


Ping Carry Bags Color Gallery

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Ping Carry Bags Bag History (Video)

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Ping Carry Bags Compare Bags

Top 6-way 5-way 4-way 3-way
Pockets 7 6 4 3
Dividers 6 2 2 none
Materials Nylon Nylon Nylon Nylon
Personalization Yes Yes Yes Yes


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