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Mizuno MX-300 Hear the Difference

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Mizuno MX-300 Features

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    • Innovative Y-Tune Pro Technology:

      provides enlarged sweet area for enhanced forgiveness along with a more traditional head profile in the playing position

    • Patented Grain Flow Forged™:

      1025E "Pure Select" mild carbon steel provides the ultimate soft, solid, and consistent feel

    • Golf Digest Hot List:

      Mizuno, the #1 forged iron in golf, has once again made a lasting impression on the judges of Golf Digest’s Hot List, as all four of the company’s new iron models received Gold Medals. Mizuno dominated the iron competition of the 2009 Hot List, scoring at least one Gold winner in each of the iron categories, and taking home more iron Gold Medals than any other golf company

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    • Milled Pocket Cavity:

      (3-7) for a low deep COG to deliver a high penetrating ball flight

    • Solid Power Bar Design:

      (8-GW) for maximum solid feel and accuracy in the scoring irons

    • Aggressis Sole Design:

      dual cambered sole design for consistent playability from all types of lies

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    • Modial Analysis Design:

      Impact sound and feel are optimized through extensive use of Modal Analysis which separates Mizuno irons from the competition

    • Modified U-grooves:

      which conform to the Condition of competition 2010, produce the ideal spin rate for maximum playability in all conditions

    • Durable double nickel chrome plated finish:


Mizuno MX-300 Gallery

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Mizuno MX-300 Grain Flow Forging Process

  • Grain Flow Forging™

    Mizuno's Patented Grain Flow Forging™ process enhances the flow and tightness of the grains in the metal, maximizing the strength of the clubhead without sacrificing the soft feel, and ensuring greater consistency from club to club and set to set.

  • 1025 Select Mild Carbon Steel Billet

    Our material meets 6 times tighter specs than the industry standard, optimizing softness and strength.

  • Primary Forging

    Primary forging shapes the head and ensures grains are aligned and tightened.

  • Heat Treatment

    Aging the head at elevated temperature optimizes strength and softness.

  • Precision Forging First Shot

    Precision forging ensures precise shape, consistent grain structure, and tight tolerance for precise performance.

  • Precision Forging Second Shot

    Modified U-grooves are hydraulically forged into the clubface for optimal spin rate.

  • Finished Product

    Final polishing and double nickel chrome plating complete the process.


Mizuno MX-300 Video

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