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Black & Decker 12 Amp 19" Electric Mulching Mower Intro

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Black & Decker 12 Amp 19" Electric Mulching Mower Features

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    • Hassle Free Starting:

      No gas, no pull cords.  Just pull the lever and go.

    • 12 Amp High-Torque Motor:

      Black & Decker design and manufactured.

    • One touch height adjustment:

      Adjust all four wheels at once with the touch of a button. Cut range 1 ¼ - 3 ½ inches.

      Tip: If your lawn is overgrown, raise your mower’s height setting. If the grass is extremely heavy, reduce the width of cut to avoid overloading the mower. Adjust your mower’s height setting to avoid cutting more than one-third of the total grass height. (should not exceed 1 ½ - 2”).

    • Mulching Option:

      Mulching is the cutting and the re-cutting of the grass, forcing the small cuttings back into the lawn to naturally decompose.

      Simply insert plate into back of mower to mulch.

    • Rear Bag Option:

      With the rear bag, airflow created from the blade moves the clippings into the catcher. This is sometimes done for more manicured look. Be sure to empty bag as needed.

    • Lifetime Warrenty on Deck:

      19” heavy-duty polymer deck is easy to clean and has a lifetime warranty. Designed for efficient dispersal of clippings and quick bag filling.

    • Cushion Grips:

      Cushion grips enable comfort while mowing.

    • Height Adjustment:

      Adjust handle for your comfort level.

    • Compact Storage:

      Handle can be folded down, making it easy to store.

    • No Tool Assembly:

      Just take it out of the box and go!

    • Blade Design & Maintenance:

       The Black & Decker blade is designed for an even cut and to increase the airflow to lift and circulate the grass for optimal mulching.

      It is recommended to sharpen your mower blade annually. If you need a replacement blade, part # is MB-850.



Black & Decker 12 Amp 19" Electric Mulching Mower Specs

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      • Amps - 12.0 Amps
      • Cutting Path - 19 "
      • Height Adjustment - one touch
      • Weight - 52 lbs
      • Cutting Heights - 1 1/4-3 1/2 "
      • Mulching Capability - YES
      • Ideal Property Size - 100' of outlet


Black & Decker 12 Amp 19" Electric Mulching Mower Warranty

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    • 2 Year Full Warranty

      Call 1-800-544-6896 for questions or for a repair location closest to you.


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