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Americana Pergola Freestand Models Intro

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Americana Pergola Freestand Models Features

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    • Wood Grain Embossed Aluminum:
      • Mimics the look of natural wood without the costly upkeep associated with wood. 
      • Will not warp, split, crack, shrink or rot the way wood does and will not sag or deflect under heat stress the way vinyl components do. 
      • The durable, baked enamel Tuff Kote finish is available in 4 popular colors and will last for years.
    • 8" x 3" Header - Choice of single or double:

      Double header shown will have higher load ratings than single header units. Some headers will be sent reinforced with heavy extruded aluminum inserts to increase load ratings or provide greater spans between posts.

    • Freestanding Model:

      Bury posts into ground or order optional heavy duty surface mount brackets when installing on existing concrete slabs or wood decks.

    • Posts and Columns:

      Standard models include the 3" square post. You can add architectural interest with decorative columns that wrap around standard 3" square aluminum post.

      Options include:

      1) Fluted square aluminum columns
      2) Fluted round aluminum columns
      3) Smooth fiberglass columns
      4) Woodgrain embossed planks
      5) Smooth square aluminum columns

    • Custom Design Your Unit:

      Special order and choose from 4 colors, 3 end cuts and numerous post options

    • Cut To Length:

      All rafters, headers, and lattice tubes are shipped cut to length with factory installed decorative caps to simplify installation.

    • Roll Formed Aluminum Components:

      Designed to be lightweight yet maintain the structural integrity necessary to meet strict engineering requirements.

    • Minimal Maintenance Required:

      Our pergolas never rust or decay, they are made entirely of aluminum. You need never worry about the paint. The tough coat finish will retain it's color for years. Easy to wash with soap and water or use an aluminum siding and gutter cleaner if needed.

    • Many Uses:

      Ideal as patio and deck covers, create a shady retreat next to swimming pools, enhance the look of an outdoor kitchen area, or frame a walkway.

    • Conceptual Drawings Available:

      Pre sale conceptual drawings are available from the Americana CAD department for a minimal fee.

    • Complete Instructions Supplied:

      Complete installation instructions are supplied with every Americana Pergola.


Americana Pergola Freestand Models Gallery

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Americana Pergola Freestand Models Colors

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Americana Pergola Freestand Models Sizes

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      Custom crafted for you:

      Specify  Projection in 1" increments  minimum 8' maximum 14'  

      Specify Length in 24" increments: minimum 96" No maximum

      Numerous options available, call us toll-free at 1-888-442-2928 to discuss your needs.

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Americana Pergola Freestand Models Installation

  • Pergola DH Freestand Assembly Instructions

    Recommended Tools:
    -Saftey Glasses
    -Tape Measure
    -Carpenters Level
    -Framing Square
    -Hex Head Nut Drivers
    -Chalk Line
    -Electric Drill w/ Bits, 5/8" Hole Drill Bit, (Masonry Drill, Bits. & Anchors may be required if securing to
    Stone, Concrete, or any other masonry unit.)

    Before You Begin:
    1.) Please read all instructions carefully. Check the Bill of Materials for any missing parts, and gather
    necessary tools. To prevent scratching of painted materials, place on a tarp, paper, or protective

    2.) You may be required to obtain a building permit for this structure from your local building authority.
    This product should only be installed in 10, 20, or 30 psf (pounds per square foot) snow load and
    90 mph or less wind speed zone (Custom models can be designed for heavier loads). This product
    is listed under ICBO Evaluation Report #2621P. You may have to submit two copies of your plot
    plan and also a copy of the evaluation report to your local building authority for a building permit.
    Contact your local building department for details and your area's snow & wind loads.

    3.) Note that this Pergola Kit is not designed to carry additional loads such as hanging heavy plants,
    swings, people, or other objects.

    4.) Fountain, Patio Stone, & Ferns are not included.

  • Header Beams

    Pick out the 3" x 8" header beams. If the header beams require splicing simply insert an equal amount of the provided header splice into each of the square ends of the header beams and secure with 3 - #8 x 3/4" Tek Screws on both sides of the splice (see Fig 1-2). Be sure to locate a column under header splices.

  • Attach Brackets to Header

    Attach Rafter Mounting Brackets (#10 on parts list) to header with 2 - #8 x 3/4" Tek Screws, see Fig. 2-1 for spacing details.

  • Post Mount

    Determine the best location for your new pergola and mark outer edges by snapping a chalk line the length of your headers along the outer edge. Turn 90 degrees and snap a chalk line the length of your rafters begining at the end of the previous chalk line. Repeat to close the square. Locate the center of the posts by subtracting the desired overhang from the over all dimensions and snap 4 chalk lines accordingly (see Fig 3-1).

  • Post Mount - Option 1

    Depending upon the available surface or local building codes there are two post mounting options.

    Option 1:

    • Bury your post, start by digging a hole approximately 12" in dia. x 30" deep. Place rock 6" deep in bottom of hole and drop 3" post in.  Fill hole with a pre-mix of cement, agragete, and water. Check post on all sides with a carpenters level to make sure it is plum with the ground
  • Post Mount - Option 2

    Surface Mount Brackets - If your pergola has Heavy Duty Mounting Brackets, anchor them at the intersection of two centerlines, drill 4 holes for Anchor Bolts, and attach bracket to ground with 4 Anchor Bolts. Then, with 2 - 3/8" x 3 1/2" Bolts, attach post to bracket (see Fig. 3-2).  Decor column options come with a U bracket that attachs with screws.


  • Optional Aluminum Column Install

    Snap two column sections together by fitting tongue into groove and lightly tapping with heel of hand to lock. Once two sets of two sections are locked together stand them on end and snap the open ends together around a post
    (see Fig. 4-1).

  • Aluminum Columns Caps

    Anchor bottom of column with two lower column brackets, 6 - Plastic Lag Screw Inserts, 6 - 2" lag bolts into surface, and 6 - #8 x 3/4" Tek screws into column (see Fig 4-2). Once column sections are secure slide the lower column cap in place and attach to column with 4 - #8 x 3/4" Tek Screws.

  • Optional Fiberglass column install

    Apply  construction adhesive to column cap and fit onto top of column. Measure overall required length from top of cap and trim bottom of column as needed.  Use adhesive and attach base cap too. Column must be positioned over 3" post. 


  • Decor Cap Plate

    Seal decor column by sliding plate over 3" post and securing to cap with 4 - #8 x 3/4" Tek Screws, but be careful not to over torque (see Fig. 5-1).

  • Double Header Install

    Attach headers to 3" posts through pre-drilled 5/8" holes. Cover holes with the provided plugs (see Fig. 5-2).

  • Rafter install

    Secure rafters to brackets with 2 - #8 x 3/4" Tek screws per side (see Fig 6-1).

  • Lattice install

    If the lattice tubes require splice insert the splice into and end of two tubes and secure with 2 - # 8 x 3/4" Tek screws.
    (see Fig. 7-1).

  • Lattice install cont.

    Place lattice on rafters seam side up. For lattice spacing details, see Fig. 7-2. Lattice O.C. will most likely be 4 1/2". The distance from centerline of rafter to end of lattice is equal to "Dim. A" in
    Fig 2-1.

  • Lattice install cont.

    Finally, secure the 1 1/2" sq. lattice to rafters with 2" stainless steal sheet metal screws
    (see Fig. 7-3).


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