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DELTA 18" X 36" Drum Sander Intro

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DELTA 18" X 36" Drum Sander Features

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    • Powerful Induction Motor:

      Powerful 1-1/2 HP induction motor with a 6 groove belt for maximum power transfer and an 18" drum for superior material removal.

    • Head Assembly:

      Rigid, welded C-frame head assembly that eliminates loose movement in the sanding drum resulting in superior parallelism of the work piece.

    • Steel Cabinet Style Base:

      Large sturdy steel cabinet style base dampens vibration for super smooth finish sanding.  The cabinet style base easily converts to a user installed "Woodworker's Pantry" for sandpaper roll storage.

    • Dust Hood:

      Blow-molded integral dust hood with a positive lock secure seal is designed to extract dust from the entire drum without letting dust escape, keeping your shop air clear of harmful fine dust.

    • Motor Controls:

      Up-front, motor controls and redesigned easy-to-read thickness gauge for accurate finish sanding.  Large paddle type on/off switch for operator convenience and safety.

    • Cast-Iron Table:

      Single-piece, cast-iron table construction is supported on each corner by precision-machined screws for accuracy, stability and easy adjustments.

    • Conveyor Motor:

      Conveyor motor is positioned on the rear of the unit to pull the work piece in the most efficient manner.


DELTA 18" X 36" Drum Sander 360

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DELTA 18" X 36" Drum Sander Specs

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      Motor: 1-1/2 HP, 120V, 1 Phase, 60 Hz
      Drum Speeds: 2,210 or 3,300 SFPM
      Dust Port Diameter: 4"
      Sanding Drum Size: 5" O.D., 18" W
      Width: 28-1/2"
      Length: 24-1/2"
      Height: 46"
      Weight: 190 lbs.

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      1-1/2 HP, 120 Volts motor
      1/30 HP DC, 90 Volts permanent magnetic motor
      5-80 grit sanding wraps and 4-120 grit sanding wraps
      Steel Stand

  • Specification 3


      5 Year Warranty


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