Larson - Larson St. Charles Security Storm Door Product Demo

Larson St. Charles Security Storm Door Features

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    • Heavy Duty 1x 2in Steel Construction Frame:

      Heavy duty 1x2 in. steel construction frame with Lifetime Warranty.

    • Rust-Resistant:

      Rust-resistant durability with powder coated paint finish.

    • Vault Pins:

      Vault pins secure door to home at the hinges and prevent removal from outside.

    • Interchangeable Screen:
      • Interchangeable Screen  available, sold separately.
      • Coordinating Sidelite  available, sold separately.


    • Adjustable Closer:

      Adjustable speed closer included.

    • Unsurpassed Strength:

      Unsurpassed strength and durability with two 7 in. forged hinges, prehung to interlock with door frame.

    • Reinforced Lock Box:

      Reinforced lock box accepts most standard double cylinder deadbolt and keyed hardware sets, sold separately.

    • Increased Energy Efficiency:

      Increased energy efficiency with woolpile weatherstripping to prevent heat and cooling loss.

    • Bottom Sweep:

      Bottom sweep fits uneven sills.


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