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Odyssey Marxman X-Act Putting Wedge Intro

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Odyssey Marxman X-Act Putting Wedge Overview

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    • Hybrid-like Sole Design:

      Allows the club to move smoothly through the turf, helping eliminate stubbed chips and ensuring the golf ball finishes closer to the hole.

    • Hi Def Alignment System:

      Two alignment stripes running the length of the club that make lining up shots easier and more accurate. High Contrast Design directs attention to the alignment channels and helps bring focus and clarity to the target line.

    • Polymer Insert:

      The single-layer, polymer insert has no grooves, limiting excessive backspin and allowing the ball to roll truer on the greens. The bull’s eye dots enhance alignment to the target and help sweep away debris at impact for optimized ball/clubface interaction.

    • Longer Grip:

      Provides increased versatility and playability, allowing the hands to be placed on various portions of the shaft to find the correct feel for a specific shot.

    • Shot Types:

      Ideal for 3 different shot types: Pitch Shot, Chip Shot, Bump ‘N’ Run.


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Odyssey Marxman X-Act Putting Wedge Specifications

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