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Callaway Hyperbolic X Golf Shoes Technology

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    • Insole Technology:

      Shock Heel - Absorbs impact for long-lasting comfort.

      XWT Forefoot Rebound - A resilient material is strategically placed in the forefoot to improve responsiveness and assist with weight transfer and balance during your round.

      Heel Grip Tech - Prevents the heel of the foot from making any unwanted movement while transferring weight during the goilf swing.

    • Hyperbolic Light Micro-Fiber Upper:

      Built with ultra-light micro-fibers found in the highest level of performance athletic shoes.  The materials have the lowest elongation available in upper materials.  Compared to leather, the golfer will not experience the same "stretched out" effect that sometimes happens with leather.  The super lightweight upper is the ultimate material to ensure that the foot stays snug, comfortable and in control during the life of the shoe.

    • Temperature Balancing Materials:

      Fully lined with OUTLAST® Technology, a product that regulates the temperature in the shoe to maintain comfort.  OUTLAST® Thermocules™ are a patented phase change material that absorbs your body heat when you create too much and releases it when you need it most.  The phase change takes place in a very narrow termperature range to your ideal skin termperature and humidity.  The result is a consistent microclimate that keeps you comfortable in all temperature conditions.

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    • Hyperbolic Stability Traction Loop:

      This unique part of our Hyperbolic outsole starts with our STL Technology traction lop which places high wearing TPU traction elements only in the areas needed.  It also helps to reduce overall weight yet gives the best platform material (TPU) available.  The STL traction elements built into the skeletal construction greatly increase traction and optimal stability in all conditions on the course.  The STL traction loop, along with Callaway Golf's newest Chevron Comfort Spike, prevents the foot from sliding under any condition during the golf swing.

    • CGC Complete Ground Contact Last:

      Hyperbolic shoes are built on a unique last profile that is unique only to Callaway Golf.  The heel to toe lift and low profile heel height is like no other golf shoe; keeping you in close contact with the ground.  The Hyperbolic Collection is for the player who doesn't want a "mushy" feel to his shoes.  Complete Ground Contact appeals to low handicap players who want to maximize weight transfer through the swing rotation while experiencing little or no loss of control.

    • Cupped Hyperbolic Light Outsole:

      The Hyperbolic outsole is formed with a skeletal construction that allows for better feel and flexibility.  The lightweight cupped outsole provides more direct weight transfer by providing the player the ability to "feel" the ground.  The cupped heel and side-walls allow for maximum stability and control during the swing while ensuring total comfort throughout the game.

    • New Chevron Comfort Spike:

      New leg design provides superior traction and support during all playing conditions.  The shrouded dynamic legs provide increased strength, durability and prevents clogging.  Symmetrical oversized cleat design provides shock-absorbing elements that reduce impact on your joints providing extreme comfort during play.


Callaway Hyperbolic X Golf Shoes Available Styles

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