Schiller Grounds Care, Inc. - BOB-CAT® Full Size ZT Mowers: Cutter Deck Product Demo

BOB-CAT® Full Size ZT Mowers: Cutter Deck Belt

  • Remove belt guards from both sides
  • Remove PTO idler spring
  • Roll belt off front spindle pulley
  • Pull up on belt and roll it clockwise off the idler pulley
  • Remove belt and clean out pulleys
  • Route new belt and roll on to idler pulley counter-clockwise
  • Reinstall belt guards


BOB-CAT® Full Size ZT Mowers: Cutter Deck Leveling

  • Choose a common height of cut for your area

    Typically 3” or higher so you can get your hands under the deck

  • Set tire pressure

    14 PSI for all four tires

  • Loosen bolts that are tightening adjusters to lift arm
  • Take a 7/16” and loosen the locknut on the adjuster
  • Measure all 4 blade tips from the RH & LH blade
  • Level the deck from left to right, then front to back
  • If you’re at the limit of the adjuster...

    ...and still are not close to the indicated height (you should be relatively close). There are a couple possibilities for this.

  • This is how to discern if the height lever is the issue
  • Adjust the pitch of the deck
  • Hold the adjusting bolt fast and tighten down the locknut


BOB-CAT® Full Size ZT Mowers: Cutter Deck Idler Upd


BOB-CAT® Full Size ZT Mowers: Cutter Deck Lift Lvr

  • Remove 4 bolts holding kick plate in place
  • Put a floor jack under the rear of the unit to break in half
  • Remove frame bolts
  • Separate the unit
  • Take a flat blade screw driver to the “E” ring
  • Remove 2 bolts holding inner height indicator
  • Take a sharp punch to the 2 tabs on the push nut where shown
  • Reassembly is simply the opposite of disassembly


BOB-CAT® Full Size ZT Mowers: Cutter Deck Caster

  • Knock the dust cap off the caster with a chisel

    Click here for parts information


  • Take a wrench and remove the nut and pull yoke out of caster
  • Pry the lower seal out of the caster arm
  • Work a blunt tapered punch around perimeter of the race
  • Set new race in place and tap it into place
  • Drive the new race into position
  • Take the punch and drive out old race
  • Pack the bearing and put it back in caster arm
  • Put the cap back on and pump grease back into spindle


BOB-CAT® Full Size ZT Mowers: Cutter Deck Spndl R&R

  • Spindle rebuild or replacement and Dealing w/ seized pulley

    Spindle Repair Policy

  • Take a 15/16 socket and remove the spindle pulley bolt
  • If the pulley is stuck we have 2 options...


  • Remove blade bolt, blade spacer, and spindle nut
  • Remove snap ring and drive out spindle through bottom
  • Remove the bearing from the spindle
  • Put new bearing into housing
  • Put the snap ring back in for the bottom bearing
  • IMPORTANT: Washers MUST be cupped
  • Close-up of washer shown upside down
  • Reinstall lower end first


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