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Top-Flite Freak Golf Balls Overview

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    • Fear the Freak:

      It‘s the longest Top–Flite ball. Period. Which means it‘s the best golf ball for distance anywhere. But the Freak doesn‘t compromise on any features. We‘ve maxed out the aerodynamics, sped up the core and lowered the spin. Without relying on hard as–rock ball compressions, golfers can tee up, swing out of their shoes and send the Freak screaming straight down the fairway.

    • Dimple In Dimple Aerodynamics:

      Designed to generate Ideal Flight Trajectory, this unique aerodynamic surface maintains spin longer throughout flight, allowing the ball to hold its line and maintain lift longer without ballooning. Most power distance golf balls lose spin at the apex of flight, decreasing speed. When they lose lift and knuckleball out of the sky, it sacrifices distance. Dimple In Dimple Aerodynamics helps maintain spin at the apex, delivering maximum distance through superior design rather than hard compression for a wide range of swing speeds. It‘s the kind of distance that will send your buddies home crying to their mommies.

    • High–Velocity Core:

      Optimized to produce ball speeds that go right up to the allowable limit. Also lowers spin off the driver.

    • Ionomer Cover:

      Technologically advanced ionomer provides increased resiliency to generate optimal ball speed for maximum distance.


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