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Odyssey Black Series #1 Putter Overview

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    • Odyssey Black Series Putters:

      Designed for elite performance, Odyssey Black Series Putters are precision milled with traditional styling. But rather than designing simple, steel milled putters, we used multi-material construction, resulting in a rare combination of beauty, technology and performance. Featuring a rich, nickel-plated finish, the heads of these milled putters are molded from 1025 carbon steel. The 1025 carbon steel bodies and the weighted tungsten flanges combine to create a low, deep center of gravity in each putter to promote true roll. These unique milled putters also utilize the Fine-Tuned Loft System, which optimizes each head shape's loft angle based on the Center of Gravity to produce pure roll characteristics.

    • Tungsten Flange:

      High-density tungsten flange repositions weight in the putter head, for a lower and deeper Center of Gravity compared to typical steel flange putters.

    • Weight Distribution:

      Discretionary weight is redistributed from the hosel and upper areas of the putter head to the tungsten flange.

    • Lower & Deeper Center of Gravity:

      Tungsten flange creates a lower, deeper Center of Gravity, reducing backspin to improve ball roll and keep putts on line. The repositioned Center of Gravity also increases the Moment of Inertia keeping the putter stable through the entire stroke for superior control, even during off-center hits.

    • Fine-Tuned Loft System:

      A low, deep Center of Gravity produces a higher launch angle to help lift the ball from its depression on the green. With a lower and deeper Center of Gravity, less loft is required to launch the ball at an optimum angle. The loft of each Black Series model is fine-tuned to match the unique locations of their Centers of Gravity, resulting in an optimum launch angle across all models.


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Odyssey Black Series #1 Putter Specs

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