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KitchenAid® Ravioli Maker Attachment Intro

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KitchenAid® Ravioli Maker Attachment Features

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    • Innovative:

      Produces three wide rows of ravioli. Sculpted rollers create large pockets. Rollers crimp and seal ravioli.

    • Precision Control:

      Two-knob handle for precise thumb and forefinger control. Filling scoop and wide hopper evenly distributes filling.

    • Durable:

      All-metal housing, rugged rollers, and a hassle-free replacement warranty.

    • Convenient:

      Mounts to mixer hub for stability. Accepts pasta sheets from KitchenAid® Pasta Roller.


KitchenAid® Ravioli Maker Attachment Video

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KitchenAid® Ravioli Maker Attachment Use and Care

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    • To Use Ravioli Maker Attachment

      1. Remove hopper from the Ravioli Maker Attachment by pulling upward firmly.

      2. Fold pasta sheet in half.

      3. To insert the pasta sheet, insert the folded end between the forming rollers. Rotate the handle one quarter of a turn to feed the pasta sheet.
          NOTE: Two-knob handle provides precise thumb and forefinger control of rolling and filling. The Mixer is not turned on while making ravioli.

          NOTE: Pasta sheets should be uniformly thick 1⁄16-inch (0.156 cm) and wide 51⁄2-inches (13.75 cm). Center the sheets when feeding them into rollers. Lightly dust the pasta with flour to aid in processing.

      4. Separate the two loose ends of the pasta sheet and drape each end over the smooth metal rollers.

      5. Locate the slight indentation on one side of the hopper rim. Position the indented side so it faces the attachment-knob-side of the Stand Mixer. Place the hopper on top of the dough sheet, between the separated ends, and push down until you hear a “click” and the side edges of the hopper rest against the Ravioli Maker.

  • Specification 2

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