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Blue Ember iQue Gas Grill Overview

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Blue Ember iQue Gas Grill Features

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    • iQue Digital Control System:

      Touch control on-board computer allows you to perform the same functions as you would find on your indoor cooking appliance.

    • Integrated Meat Probe:

      Provides precision-guided cooking assistance and control. Alerts when food has reached the ideal set temperature and will adjust to a low setting to prevent overcooking.

    • SonarQue Fuel Monitor:

      Monitors fuel every 30 seconds with a sonar “ping” to calculate fuel consumption rate, making it the most accurate fuel gauge on the market. Displays cooking time remaining in hours and minutes, which eliminates the guesswork of how much fuel remains.

    • Digital Temperature Control:

      Preheats grill automatically with one easy touch. Plus, maintains precise temperature ranges in two zones for perfect results every time.

    • Pre-Programmed Meat Settings:

      Provides pre-programmed temperature settings for the most popular cuts of meat. Once internal meat temperature has reached desired setting, grill will automatically adjust to a low setting to prevent overcooking.

    • Digital Timer:

      The digital timer allows you to set precise cooking times to ensure cooking perfection. An audible alert will chime when your meal is ready.

    • Dual-Zone Cooking:

      Digital dual-zone temperature control allows for precise grilling so two different foods can cook at two different temperatures, providing same time sear and bake capabilities.

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    • Grease Management System:

      An easily removed stainless steel container funnels excess drippings away for easy cleaning.

    • Integrated Electrical Outlet:

      Power up any small appliances grill-side with built-in power outlets located at the back of your grill.

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    • 3 Piece Lid Construction:

      Constructed of high-grade porcelain steel with cast aluminum end for superior heat insulation. The venting at the rear of the lid circulates the air flow across the cooking surface transforming your grill into a outdoor oven.

    • Commercial Grade Castors:

      Durable locking castors secure your grill in place. The large wheels allow for easy moving.

    • 650 sq. in. Cooking Area:

      The individual grids are reversible and offer the flexibility to roast, bake, or grill by adjusting the grids to three different cooking levels.


Blue Ember iQue Gas Grill Features (cont.)

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    • Internal Grill Light:

      It may be dark outside, but your grill will be bright inside. This high-intensity light illuminates your entire grill surface to let you see exactly what you're cooking. A bright exterior ON/OFF switch indicates when the grill light is in use.

    • Built-In Smoker Box:

      This removable cast iron smoker box lets you add the unique flavor of your favorite wood chips to any food.

    • Stainless Steel Burners:

      Stainless steel tube burners produce 15,000 BTU's of gourmet grilling power. Each burner can be used individually when cooking smaller meals.

    • Porcelain Cast Iron Grids:

      Heavy-duty cast iron grates retain heat and provide an excellent source of heat transfer. Porcelain coated finish will stop food from sticking and are rust resistant.

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    • Side Shelf Organizers:

      Keep everything on hand with two interchangeable shelf inserts: a deep resin bucket can be used to chill your favorite drinks, while the portioned condiment tray holds all of your sauces and fixings.

    • Controls:

      Large professional control knobs turn easily, whatever your desired setting.

    • Cast Brass Side Burner:

      Simmer sauces or bring water to a boil as you create your favorite side dishes on this versatile side burner. The brass cap provides extra durability and is removable for easy cleaning.

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    • Bottle Opener:

      Integrated bottle opener.

    • Smart Storage:

      Keep the essentials within reach inside convenient storage drawers.

    • Tank Caddy:

      A fully extending tank drawer with an easy-grip handle makes access to your propane cylinder safe and trouble-free.

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    • Infrared Rotisserie Burner:

      Juices are for savoring, not cooking away. The ceramic infrared burner sears the meat from the outside to trap in all of the juices and flavor while it also self-bastes.


Blue Ember iQue Gas Grill Video Tutorial

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Blue Ember iQue Gas Grill 360° View

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Blue Ember iQue Gas Grill Specs

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    • 875 square inch total cooking surface
      650 square inch cooking surface
      225 squre inch warming rack
      Total 79,000 BTU cooking power
      4 x 14,000 BTU Stainless Steel Burners
      12,000 BTU Infrared Rotisserie Burner
      11,000 BTU Cast Brass Side Burner
      3 Piece Porcelain Steel Lid with Cast Aluminum End Caps
      Full Cabinet with 2 pull out drawers
      Interchangeable Shelf Inserts
      SonarQue Fuel Monitor
      Dual-Zone Cooking
      Digital Temperature Control
      Integrated Meat Probe
      Pre-heat Mode
      Smart Touch Screen
      4 Piece Adjustable Porcelain Coated Cast Iron Cooking Grids
      Electronic Igition
      integrated Halogen Grill Light
      Ice Bucket & Condiment Tray
      Built In Smoker Box
      Cart Mounted Bottle Opener
      Electrical Outlet/Inlet Box
      Pull Out Tank Caddy
      4 Commercial Casters
      Rotisserie Kit Included
      Assembled Grill Dimensions: 80 in. x 26 in. x 50 in.
      Carton Dimensions: 44 in. x 26 in. x 50 in.
      Grill Gross Weight with packaging: 218 lbs.
      Grill Net Weight: 182 lbs.


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