In-Sink-Erator - Insinkerator - Installing a Septic Disposer Product Demo

Insinkerator - Installing a Septic Disposer Instructions

  • Installing a Garbage Disposal
    • Check drain opening
    • Plan electrical connection
    • Determine system features
  • Overview
    • Remove existing drain pipe and strainer
    • Install sink mounting bracket
    • Make electrical and dishwasher connections
    • Connect drain & install disposer
  • Removing Existing Drain
    • Loosen and remove drain pipe & trap
    • Loosen strainer nut and remove
    • Clean off old putty around drain
  • Installing Mounting Bracket
    • Place putty around opening
    • Press flange into place
    • Slide on pieces from under the sink
    • Tighten bracket
  • Mounting Preparation
    • Lay disposer on its side
    • Make electrical connections
  • Mounting Preparation
    • If needed, tap out dishwasher plug
    • Install discharge tube
  • Installation of Disposer
    • Mount disposer under sink
    • Connect discharge tube to drain plumbing
    • Connect dishwasher drain to disposer
  • Final Steps
    • Install Bio-Charge dispenser
    • Lock the dispenser into place
    • Test for leaks
    • Turn electrical on and test operation


Insinkerator - Installing a Septic Disposer Where Does Your Food Waste Go?

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