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How to prepare your Mantis Tiller for the Service Check Intro

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How to prepare your Mantis Tiller for the Service Check Instructions

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    Drain the fuel from the tank. Remove the air filter cover by squeezing the plastic tabs on top of the cover.

  • 2

    Loosen the outer nut on the throttle cable on the curved brass tube using a 10 mm spanner, at the bracket on the engine cover.

  • 3

    Detach the throttle cable from the brass throttle swivel on the carburator. Using a small, flat bladed screw driver push the cable nipple out of the slot on the swivel plate.

  • 4

    Pull the cable carefully downwards and out towards the back of the engine.

  • 5

    Detach the earthing cable by hand by disconnecting the red plug under the machine.

    Do NOT use pliers to split the connector!

  • 6

    Use two 11 mm spanners to remove the two long bolts at the base of the handles. Remove the handles from the gearbox case. You now have the motor with the gearbox in front of you. Refit the air filter cover back into place and secure.

  • 7

    Pack the motor into a rigid cardboard box and pad it out with newspaper, card, cloths or packing foam. Please remember to remove the tines before

  • 8

    Call 08708 11 22 66 to have your box collected (48 hours notice, UK mainland only).

  • 9

    •Stick your address and client’s number to the engine.
    •Enclose the Special Offer Service Check Card with your address and the payment details filled in.
    •Should you not have this card at hand, add a sheet of paper containing name, address, phone number and client number.
    •If necessary, add a note stating whether the machine is defective and make a note of any explanations you think might be useful to the service technician.
    •Please enclose any relevant paperwork, your order form and payment details in an envelope attached by tape to the top of the tiller’s air filter cover.

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