Apex Tool Group, LLC - Build-A-Set Product Demo

Build-A-Set Intro

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Build-A-Set Features

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    • Choose Your Tools:

      Many unique modules of tools to select from the basic ¼”, 3/8” and ½” drive size modules to more specialty tool modules.

    • Customize Your Set:

      Build the Ultimate Tool Set! Combine modules to cover a wide range of tools with no duplication.

    • Molded Trays:

      Molded trays provide a place for every tool. You never have to dig around the tool chest for a tool again!

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    • Easy Organization:

      Tool modules are designed to slide into a variety of Craftsman storage units. Simply slide the tool tray into the drawer and your tools are forever organized and always where you want them.

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    • Quick Transportation:

      Easily bring tools to the job site in our portable storage unit.

      *Most tool modules fit. See dimensions for details


Build-A-Set Available Modules

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