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Rust-Oleum Professional Industrial Floor Coating Intro

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Rust-Oleum Professional Industrial Floor Coating Features

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    • Professional results for heavy duty applications:
    • 2 part Epoxy Technology:

      True 2 part epoxy technology for durability unachievable with one part paints

    • High solids for ultimate adhesion, no hot tire pick up:
    • Solvent based epoxy formula:

      Solvent based epoxy formula for superior resistance to chemicals, standing water & heavy foot traffic

    • Silver Gray Semi Gloss:
    • Kit covers 300-400 sq ft:


Rust-Oleum Professional Industrial Floor Coating Instructions

  • Prepare the surface:
    • Sweep away loose dirt and concrete.
    • Clean heavy oil stains.
    • Etch with concrete etch (sold separately) following manufacturer’s application directions. Etching is necessary to ensure proper adhesion of the coating to the concrete.
  • Mix:
    • Do not mix the decorative paint chips with the garage floor coating.
    • Stir the contents in each can thoroughly.
    • Pour part B into a 5 gallon bucket, then add part A.
    • Mix well.
  • Application:
    • Use a brush or edger to trim the perimeter.
    • Use a long handled roller to apply an even coat of garage floor coating onto the surface.
    • Apply in 4’x4’ sections so the decorative paint chips can easily be scattered into the freshly coated surface.


Rust-Oleum Professional Industrial Floor Coating Kit & Supplies Needed

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    • Kit Includes:

      • Part A, Part B of floor coating
      • Decorative color chips
      • Instruction sheet

      Additional Supplies Needed:

      • Concrete etch (sold separately)
      • Stiff bristle broom or scrub brush
      • 5 gallon bucket
      • Epoxy safe roller cover (3/8” nap)
      • Squeegee (for the most effective cleaning and to speed drying)

      Optional Supplies:

      • Heavy duty degreaser
      • Anti-skid additive
      • Concrete patch & repair


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