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Supreme Sleep Positioner with Heartbeat Features

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    • Fully Adjustable Sleep Positioner:

      Ultimate adjustability for baby's comfort: Side Bolsters, Head Cradle, Incline.

    • One-Piece Design:

      Sleek one-piece design for comfort, simplicity, and safety.

    • Inclined Surface:

      Inclined surface gently elevates baby to help reduce reflux and aid digestion.

    • FloThru™ Fabric & Air Care™ Foam:

      FloThru™ and Air Care™ technology provides 100% airflow to prevent overheating and re-breathing.  Cover is removable and machine washable.

    • Heart Beat Device:

      Battery operated heartbeat device with auto-activation and fade for soothing baby. 3 AAA batteries included.

    • Sleep Indicator:

      Easy to use reminder system for parents to remember which direction to place baby’s head.


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