Eclipse - SW4000/SW4200-10/12" Subwoofer Product Demo

SW4000/SW4200-10/12" Subwoofer Intro

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SW4000/SW4200-10/12" Subwoofer Features

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    • Kevlar composite cone:: The new Kevlar composite cone extends lows and maintains rapid transient response and well-defined pitch.
    • Wide range:: Stretching all the way down to 34Hz, this sub can play even the lowest notes, with a rumble that you can feel.

    • Air vent system:: The cooling vents on Eclipse subs will keep your system at a low temperature for peak performance during periods of heavy use.

    • Included grills:: This sub not only pumps out hard-hitting, deep bass, but looks great doing it.


SW4000/SW4200-10/12" Subwoofer Selling Tips

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SW4000/SW4200-10/12" Subwoofer Competitive Advantage

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SW4000/SW4200-10/12" Subwoofer Specs

RMS power handling: 250W/200W
Max. power handling: 750W/600W
Kevlar composite cone
Integrated grill assembly
Foam surround
Polycarbonate spider
43oz magnet (SW4200),
30oz magnet (SW4000)
4-layer aluminum single voice coil
Air vent cooling system
screw terminals


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