Wagner - Wagner 705 Power Steamer Product Demo

Wagner 705 Power Steamer Intro

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Wagner 705 Power Steamer Features

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    • No Chemicals Needed:

      The safe, easy and chemical-free way to remove wallpaper.  Just use water. Safe for you and safe for the environment.

    • Includes All You Need:
      • 705 Power Steamer
      • 8" x 11" Steamplate
      • 6 ft. Power Cord
      • One-gallon tank
    • Works Efficiently:

      1-gallon container will give you 60 minutes of steam time.

      Lightweight and easy to maneuver.

      Pressure-relief and overheat protection built-in to ensure safe operation.

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    • Does Not Damage Walls:

      Softens and lifts wallpaper without damaging the wall.

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    • Multiple Layers Of Wallpaper:

      Removes multiple layers of wallpaper in one pass.


Wagner 705 Power Steamer Specs

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    • 1500 Watts

      1-gallon reservoir container

      11' steam hose

      8” x 11” steamplate 

      No solvents, detergents or chemicals needed



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