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Step2 SlingRider With BreatheMesh™ Black Toile Intro

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Step2 SlingRider With BreatheMesh™ Black Toile Features

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    • Comfortable:

      Elastic opening creates a close, secure environment for your baby.

    • Safe & Secure:

      Extra-secure swaddling harness system without buckles or edges to cause discomfort.

    • BreatheMesh™ Ventilated Fabric:

      Soft fabrics provide comfort and style.

    • Adjustable:

      Wide,  padded shoulder strap with adjustable fastener.


Step2 SlingRider With BreatheMesh™ Black Toile Specs

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    • The Most Natural Carrier™. Among new parents, the news is spreading fast: For snug and secure, go-anywhere comfort that's second to none, SlingRider® is the answer. Slip it over your shoulder and see what they mean. Extra-secure swaddling harness system without buckles or hard edges to cause discomfort. Easy as... one, two, three!

  • Specification 2

      • Soft fabric provides style and comfort
      • Elastic opening creates a close, secure environment for your baby
      • BreatheMesh™ ventilated fabric for a cool and comfortable baby
      • Swaddling harness keeps baby secure
      • Dual fasteners for secure fit
      • Wide, padded shoulder strap with adjustable fastener
      • Perfect for nursing
      • Made in China
      • Perfect for newborn to 20 lbs (9.0 kgs)
      • Infantino Product Number: 751-613


Step2 SlingRider With BreatheMesh™ Black Toile Instructions

  • Welcome!

    Thank you for purchasing an Infantino carrier.  Our customers are some of the toughest to please.  They expect to be caressed, cradled, delighted, pampered, and admired 24 hours a day.  So we've designed our carriers (and a lot of other neat stuff) to help keep these little ones happy.  A lot of time and effort goes into designing our carriers.  We spend hours with our test moms and babies.  We ask them what works.  We watch what works.  And the result - we believe - the most comfortable carriers anywhere.

  • Putting On Your SlingRider


    Always put SlingRider on your body after putting in baby!  With SlingRider on a solid, flat surface, choose the shoulder you'd like to use to carry the SlingRider.  The wide, padded end of the strap with the Infantino logo should be facing toward the front.

    Put your head and one arm throught the SlingRider so that it is resting on your shoulder (the Infantino logo should be on your shoulder, facing out).  The adjusting buckle and strap should be in the center of your back.

  • Putting On Your SlingRider (cont'd)

    The inside elastic opening should be positioned snugly against your chest to create a secure fit for baby - make sure that this elastic side is always visible between you and baby (it should be above baby's head and body.).


    We recommend that you support your baby with your hands until you get used to wearing your SlingRider.  Because babies enjoy movement, it is also a good idea to begin walking as soon as possible to prevent her from getting fussy.

  • Putting Baby In SlingRider


    Always put baby in, and secure baby in the SlingRidder first, before putting it on your body.  With SlingRider placed on a solid, flat surface, carefully support your baby's head and back while you align him in the SlingRider.  Open the elastic side of the SlingRider and gently slide baby in.

  • Putting Baby In SlingRider (cont'd)

    Your new baby needs lots of close contact and attention!  SlingRider is the perfect way to keep your little one cuddled against you.  The elastic opening cradles baby's head and neck and even provides support when baby falls asleep!  You can entertain and bond with your baby by talking, touching, playing and making eye-contact - and still have your hands free!

  • Securing Baby In SlingRider

    1.  Position the large center harness between baby's legs and against his belly.


    2.  Place the harness flap at baby's left side on top of the center harness.


    3.  To complete, secure the harness at his right side on top of the left.

  • Adjusting Your SlingRider

    Adjusting your SlingRider is easy.  Simply pull down on the strap to adjust your SlingRider to fit your body and create a snug, comfortable fit.  Always make sure to support baby with one arm when you adjust the size of the sling.

  • Nursing With SlingRider

    SlingRider provides mother with a comfortable environment to privately nurse baby.  While supporting baby nestled against your chest with one hand, adjust elastic opening to create a discreet environment for you and baby.


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