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Wolman Deck-In-A-Day Instructions

  • Introduction

    Your deck can give years of relaxation and enjoyment. But outdoor wood decks are not “weatherproof”. They need protection from water penetration and sun exposure to maintain their appearance and to keep them structurally sound.

    WOLMAN WOOD CARE products give you professional quality and guaranteed performance and they're rated #1 by the pros.

    Follow the WOLMAN easy two step process to restore and protect a 600 square foot deck and railings in just one day!

  • Products & Supplies Needed

    The following are the Wolman products you will need to clean and seal your deck:

    • Wolman DeckBrite, an oxygen-powered environmentally-friendly wood cleaner
    • A professional grade, heavy duty scrub brush
    • Wolman RainCoat, a fast-drying, long lasting water repellent sealer


    These are recommended household tools and supplies needed:

    • A push broom
    • Pump Sprayer
    • 5 Gal plastic pail
    • Threaded extension pole or broom handle
    • A garden hose and high pressure nozzle
    • Synthetic bristle stain brushes
    • Drop cloths
    • Painter's masking tape
    • Stir sticks
  • Preparation

    Check the weather forecast make sure the next 24 hours will be rain free, and no cooler than 50 degrees.

    Sweep away any loose dirt and debris to protect siding, tape along the bottom edge with painter's tape.

  • Clean and Restore
    • Fill a 5 gallon bucket with warm tap water, and pour in the two pouches of  Wolman DeckBrite Wood Cleaner Coating Prep. Continuously stir the solution for 3-5 minutes. Initially, it will appear bright blue and the foaming will continue during stirring. The color blue will then disappear completely and is ready to be applied.
    • Pour the pail contents into the sprayer tank for easy application. If a sprayer is not available, a stain brush, mop or roller may also be used.
    • Lightly pre-wet the wood surface using a moderate nozzle setting. Sweep away any standing water.
    • Begin cleaning by spraying the DeckBrite end to end along the grain of each board length.Allow to sit and foam for 10 minutes. If the surface dries out prematurely,keep it wet with additional solution.
    • After 10 minutes, use the WOODWORX Deck Brush to briefly scrub the solution into the wood.
    • DeckBrite has oxygen-activated deep cleaning foam. It removes grayed surface, dirt and mildew stains. Because it is Chlorine and acid free, it is the safest wood cleaner to handle, use and rinse away. The solution is non-irritating to skin and eyes. And it is 100% biodegradable so it won't harm surrounding grass or plant life
    • Rinse the surface throughly with a garden hose after brushing.
    • Follow the same procedure for railings and spindles.
    • After 1-2 hours, the railing and deck will dry. The surface will appear clean, bright and free of mildew and algae stains. The wood surface is restored to its natural, like new look!
  • Seal and Protect

    If the surface is in direct sun and hot to the touch, lightly dampen with water to cool before coating. Brush away standing water..

    Make sure all surfaces not intended to be coated are covered.

    RainCoat, is a water repellent sealer that will beautify and protect your deck for up to 3 years  For this 600 sq. ft. deck, we'll be using 2 gallons.

    • Open RainCoat and briefly stir in the original container.
    • Mix both gallons together in the 5 gallon plastic pail and stir thoroughly to ensure a uniform color.
    • Apply first on the railings and spindles. Work from end to end on one board at a time, and maintain a wet edge.
    • For the area adjacent to your house, use a brush and apply evenly along the board. 
    • For faster application, use your pump sprayer. Stir RainCoat in the pail again before pouring into the sprayer tank. When spraying, use long even strokes.
    • Moving in the direction of the wood grain, spray from end to end on one board at a time covering small sections of 5-10 boards of the deck floor. 
    • Go back and backbrush the sealer into the wood with the stain brush. Backbrushing will accelerate sealer penetration, eliminate any drips or puddles and leave a neater, more even appearance when dry.
    • Resume spraying next section, backbrush and repeat, until the entire deck floor has been sealed.
    • Apply one coat of RainCoat for proper water repellency, mildew resistance and UV damage protection.
  • Clean-up & Enjoy

    Rinse out your pail, sprayer, brushes and other tools with fresh water immediately after deck is completed.

    RainCoat dries to the touch in 1-2 hours, wait until the next day before resuming use of your deck. Be careful when returning furniture and appliances -- place them gently in position - do not drag them across the floor surface.

    For additional product information, project or application tips, visit www.wolman.com


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