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Varathane Foam Stain Intro

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Varathane Foam Stain Features

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    • Premium, deep penetrating stain:

      A revolutionary concept in wood staining that gives maximum stability and control like never before

    • Great for staining vertical surfaces:

      It’s formulated to stay in place instead of dripping off

    • Easy to use:
      • EASY to Use
      • EASY To Clean-Up
      • Easy to Store


    • Easy application: Foam on & Rub in:
    • Ideal for all interior wood projects:
    • Available in 8 colors:

      These 8 colors match Varathane Premium Wood Stain

      • Golden Pecan
      • Golden Oak
      • Provincial
      • Traditional Cherry
      • Red Mahogany
      • Cabernet
      • Early American
      • Dark Walnut


Varathane Foam Stain Instructions

  • Introduction

    Varathane Foam Stain is a soya oil based formula with premium translucent pigments that delivers high quality Varathane wood stain as a foam, much like hair mousse or shaving cream.

    • No mess
    • Low odor
    • Fast application 
    • Ergonomically shaped can makes it easy and comfortable to grip.


    Varathane Foam stain is especially recommended for:

    • Doors
    • Cabinets
    • Trim
    • Tables and more


    Varathane Foam Stain is available in 8 popular colors.

  • Preparation

    Before applying stain, be sure to have several supplies readily available including:

    • Rags
    • Brushes
    • Soap and water for cleanup


    After the previous finishes have been removed and wood surfaces have been sanded, you are ready to apply the Varathane Foam Stain.


  • Stain

    it is recommended that you apply a small amount of Foam Stain to an inconspicuous area to be assured that you will achieve the look and color that you desire.

    For flat surfaces:

    • Hold the can inverted at a 45° angle about 1 inch from the surface
    • Use a smaller amount at first and then apply more as needed.

    There is no excess product to wipe off the surface after it is applied. Rub it well into the wood evenly with a lint-free cloth to ensure proper penetration and spreading rather than simply wiping it around and waiting for it to be absorbed like liquid wood stains. Because Foam Stain is fast drying, rub it in right after application and do not let it sit on the surface for an extended period of time even though the Foam Stain will retain its shape and hold onto the surface for up to 15 minutes.

    Work in small areas. After a small area of the project is complete, apply in a new spot and blend the stain in until all areas are covered.

    For vertical surfaces like doors, cabinets, table legs etc:

    • Apply directly to the surface, as it’s formulated to stay in place instead of dripping off
    • Or apply directly to a lint-free cloth and then wipe it into the wood

    For intricate areas:

    • Use a foam or bristle brush to get into those hard-to-reach areas
  • Protect

    Once your project is completely stained, you can immediately add an additional coat for a richer, deeper color if so desired.

    For clean up, simply use soap and water or for Foam Stain that has dried, use mineral spirits.

    Once the Foam Stain is completely dry after 8 hours, you can keep it protected and looking new by applying a coat of Varathane oil-based or water-base polyurethane. 


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