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Zinsser PaperTiger Intro

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Zinsser PaperTiger Features

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    • Scores an entire room in minutes:

      PaperTiger is fast and easy to use.  It lets the user score an entire room in minutes.

    • Perforates wallpaper to allow wallpaper removal to penetrate:
      • Perforates impermeable/vinyl wallcoverings so a DIF Wallpaper Stripper can penetrate and resolubilize paste.
      • PaperTiger's patented scoring wheels open surface holes to let DIF penetrate and attack the paste.
    • Won’t damage walls:
    • Eliminates the need for steamers:


Zinsser PaperTiger How To Use

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    • How to Use the PaperTiger:

      • The key to easy wallpaper removal is to loosen the glue underneath.
      • The unique patented cutting action of the PaperTiger perforates the wallpaper without damaging the wall to allow a DIF Wallpaper Stripper to penetrate through the paper.
      • Just use light pressure and perforate the entire wallpapered surface.
      • The more holes you make, the faster and easier the paper will come off.


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