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Okuma Clarion Intro

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Okuma Clarion Features

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    • Graphite Frame:

      Corrosion Resistant Graphite Frame reduces reel weight and provides exceptional strength as well as unparalleled resistance to the damage that prolonged exposure to the elements can cause to fishing gear.

    • Machined Aluminum Spool:

      The machined aluminum spool on all Clarion reels provides superior balance for improved casting as well as incredible strength to minimize flexion, all while being able to handle any and all of todays SUPER lines. Hard Anodized for added strength and corrosion resistance.

    • Magnetic Cast Control:

      One of the most eagerly anticipated features for ANY reel in 2008, Okuma's proprietary sealed magnetic cast control system allows the precision cast control that surf fisherman, Iron Casters, and any angler that needs backlash free casting time and time again, require. The Mag system is completely sealed against even the harshest conditions, making the Clarion the perfect reel for everything from fishing for Stripers in the surf, to trolling for salmon in the Great Lakes.

    • Strong Arm Levelwind System:

      This heavy-duty, stainless steel levelwind is Titanium coated and built to withstand the punishment of braided and wire lines, and is designed for knot clearance even when using doubled up line.

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    • Multi-Disk Carbonite Drag System:

      Okuma's "Carbonite" drag system features a newly developed carbon based drag material which displaces heat and friction consistently and steadily even under the harshest of fishing conditions.

    • Quick-Set Anti-Reverse Roller Bearing:

      This system allows for instant handle engagement and eliminates all handle backplay commonly found in many reels. This is accomplished by using a corrosion resistant stainless steel roller bearing that engages the reel in only one direction, resulting in rock solid hook sets.

    • Speed Lock Pinion Gear System:

      The SLG technology incorporates a dual step pinion gear system on star drag reels that allows positive engagement of the gears, even at high spool speeds, and has been throughly tested at engaging the gears from freespool to strike speeds in excess of 50mph.

    • XL Gearing:

      The XL gearing design found on the Clarion reels incorporates an oversized gear box that features and enlarged gearing and drag system. The drag surfaces on this system are more than 50% larger than a standard gearbox design. For the gears, the major advantage is that the gear teeth are substantially larger, allowing more strength and cranking power to be applied to the fight. This system also allows Okuma to offer higher speed gear ratios without sacrificing cranking power. In essence, the XL gearing system by Okuma turns your reel... into a winch.


Okuma Clarion 360/Zoom

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Okuma Clarion Gallery

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Okuma Clarion Compare

  Clarion Catalina Convector Classic Pro
Aluminum Frame NO YES NO NO
Corrosion Resistant Graphite Frame YES NO YES YES
Machined & Anodized Aluminum Spool YES YES YES NO
Graphite Spool NO NO NO YES
Strong Arm Ti Coated SS Levelwind YES YES YES NO
Sealed Magnetic Cast Control YES NO NO NO
Gears XL - Oversized Stainless Steel Gears XL - Oversized Stainless Steel Gears XL - Oversized Stainless Steel Gears Precision Machine Cut Brass Gears
Bearings 2BB + 1RB 3BB + 1RB 2BB + 1RB 2BB


Okuma Clarion Specs

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    • Model

    • Gear Ratio

    • Weight

    • Line Retrieve

    • Line Capacity

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    • CLR-203L

    • 5.1:1

    • 16.5 oz

    • 23"

    • 290/14, 230/18, 210/20

  • Specification 3

    • CLR-303L

    • 4.2:1

    • 21.4 oz

    • 24"

    • 510/15, 420/20, 310/25

  • Specification 4

    • CLR-453L

    • 4.2:1

    • 24.7 oz

    • 26"

    • 580/20, 430/25, 330/30

  • Specification 5

    • CLR-553L

    • 4.2:1

    • 33.3 oz

    • 34"

    • 680/25, 520/30, 440/40


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