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TX9000TS Programmable Thermostat Intro

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TX9000TS Programmable Thermostat Features

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    • Versatile Seven-Day Programming:
      • 4 Periods Daily, Seven Days A Week
    • Easy Touch Screen:
      • Simple Touch Screen Operation
    • Battery or Battery Backup System Power:

      Powered by:

      • System Power or
      • 2 AA Batteries
    • Unlimited Hold:
      • Unlimited Hold
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    • Temporary Temperature Override:
      • Temporary Temperature Override
    • Filter Change Indicator:
      • Filter Change Indicator
    • Energy Usage Monitor:
      • Energy Usage Monitor
    • Optional Smart Recovery:
      • Optional Smart Recovery
    • Easy Installation:
      • Easy To Install


TX9000TS Programmable Thermostat Specs

  • Lux TX9000TS Programmable Thermostat
  • 7-day programming, 4 periods per day
  • Compatible with most 24-volt heating and cooling systems; 1 stage heat/1 stage cool: gas, oil or electric systems, single stage heat pump systems, 2-wire heat-only hot water systems, Millivolt systems (wall heaters/furnaces and gas fireplaces), and high efficiency systems
  • Touch screen interface with lighted display and touch screen lockout code
  • Temporary Temperature Override
  • 12/24-hour clock and Fahrenheit or Celsius temperature display
  • Unlimited Hold
  • Filter Change Indicator
  • Energy Usage Monitor
  • Optional Smart Recovery
  • Adjustable Temperature Swing (with a +/- 0.50F degree factory preset)
  • Easy Installation
  • Powered by 2 "AA" Alkaline Batteries, or 24 Volts AC System Power


TX9000TS Programmable Thermostat Installation

  • Step 1

    Confirm product compatibility with your system type before proceeding.

  • Step 2

    Tools required: #1 Phillips and #1 Slotted Screwdrivers, Wire Strippers/Cutters, and Electrical Tape.  The tools shown will cover the majority of thermostat installations, as the pre-existing mounting holes can most often be reused.  The only difference in a new installation may be that two 3/16” holes would have to be made for plastic screw anchors (provided) to mount the new thermostat.

  • Step 3

    Turn the electricity supply OFF to the Heating/Cooling equipment.  This will usually be accomplished at your circuit breaker panel.  The circuit breaker(s) for your Heating/Cooling equipment will commonly be a double sized circuit breaker as shown in the photo.

  • Step 4

    BEFORE removing your old thermostat, take off just the front cover to expose the wires and wiring terminals.  Label all of the wires that are currently attached to your thermostat according to the terminal letters on each wire connection, not by the color of the wires.  For your convenience, self-adhesive wire labels are provided inside your new LUX thermostat package.

  • Step 5

    Once the wires are all labeled, carefully remove each one.  Then unscrew the existing thermostat mounting screws and remove the thermostat back plate from the wall.  NOTE: If the wall is painted, the back plate may try to stick to the paint a little bit while removing.

  • Step 6

    In most cases, the existing mounting holes can be reused.  Feed all of the wires through the large hole in the new LUX back plate, and hold the plate up against the wall to check the mounting hole locations as shown in the photo.  If they do line up, securely fasten the back plate to the wall prior to connecting the wires.  If the holes do not line up, mark for new ones with the back plate level, and make two 3/16” holes and insert the plastic screw anchors provided.  With the anchors inserted all the way, securely tighten the mounting screws into these anchors.

  • Step 7

    Identify your wiring type with the electrical diagrams in your installation manual.  Install the wires that you labeled onto the new thermostat’s corresponding wire terminals by matching each terminal letter: G-to-G, W-to-W, and so on.  It is OK if you have extra wires, beyond that which is required for your Heating or Cooling system, do not connect any wires that were not connected to your old thermostat.  Any extra, unused wires need to have their bare ends taped with electrical tape to prevent any shorts.

  • Step 8

    Install brand new Energizer® or Duracell® Alkaline batteries into the front portion of your new thermostat.  Ensure that the polarity of both batteries matches the same direction as the markings shown in the battery holder.

  • Step 9

    Install the front half of the thermostat to the back plate.  This should be performed first by holding the front portion tilted outwards at the bottom and mating the hooks on the top together.  With the top hooks in place, slowly mate the bottom towards the back plate.  The thermostat halves should join firmly together with a click being heard from the latch on the bottom edge of the thermostat.

  • Step 10

    The installation is now complete.  Turn the power back on to your Heating/Cooling system, and test that everything works.  To test the system, slide the mode switch to HEAT for Heat mode.  The top of the thermostat display should say “HEAT MODE”.

  • Step 11

    With the thermostat in Heat mode, look at the current room temperature displayed on the large temperature digits.  Press once on the temperature digits, and they should start flashing with the word “SET” next to them.  Increase the Set Temperature using the UP Arrow on the screen, to a value which is 5 degrees higher than the room temperature that was recently displayed.  You should hear the relay “click” on, and the flame on the screen should be flashing.  Now check to see if your heater is currently running.

    Using the guidance in the user manual, also test the cool mode operation, set the time on the clock, and proceed with setting the daily temperature programs.  Enjoy using your new thermostat, and thank you for trusting LUX Products.


TX9000TS Programmable Thermostat Compatibility

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