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Camp Chef Sport Grill MVP™ Intro

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Camp Chef Sport Grill MVP™ Features

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    • Porcelain Coated Cast Iron Grill Grates:

      The two porcelain cast iron grill grates are sure to make you a better cook.  The properties of cast iron hold true as it enhances heat retention and distribution.  You'll be cooking in no time! 

    • Removable Shelf w/ Stainless Steel Top:

      The need of being near a table has been eliminated by these shelves, for ease of portability, they store underneath the stove with little effort.  The stainless steel tops compliment the stove finish and are easy to clean.

    • Matchless Ignition & Easy Turn Valves:

      Why spend time looking for a match or lighter again. The Sport Grill MVP's Matchless Ignition saves you the hassle and it starts up every time with ease.  The valves give you full control over the heat; from a steady blow torch to simmer - you've got the power.

    • Nickle Plated Grate:

      Remove the cast iron grill grates and use the nickel plated grate when cooking with pots and pans or even Dutch ovens and bake ware.

    • Stainless Steel Lid:

      What makes this grill exceptional is  that you can close the lid and keep on grilling.  Closing the lid creates an oven-like atmosphere so you can bake right on the grill. Made of high quality stainless steel, it will look great all year.

    • Removable Legs:

      The stoves legs can be easily  removed and packed underneath easy for carrying and storage.

    • Powerful Burners:

      Where the rubber hits the road - the burners.  The powerful burners on the Sport Grill MVP are what set this grill apart from the competition.  With 25,000 BTU's per hour, this grill will put out the heat you need to cook anything.  Large, thick pieces of meat are no problem for this grill. 

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    • Bulk Hose Adapter:

      The bulk hose adapter allows you to connect any 1 lb disposable bottle connection to a bulk tank.  The MVP is perfect on the patio as well as at the game.

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    • Simple to Pack:
      • Close the lid and latch it
      • Pull out the legs and the side shelves
      • Fold the legs together
      • Turn the stove face down and place in the shelves
      • Snap legs into slot


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    • Sport Grill MVP Griddle:

      A porcelain coated cast iron griddle is available as an accessory for this stove.  This professional nonstick griddle is perfect for salmon, trout, burgers and of course pancakes and all the fixings.


Camp Chef Sport Grill MVP™ 360/Zoom

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Camp Chef Sport Grill MVP™ Gallery

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Camp Chef Sport Grill MVP™ Accessory Guide

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    • Accessory Guide:

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    • 5 foot Bulk Tank Adapter Hose

      • Model # HRDSP
      • Disposable bottle regulator bulk tank hose adapter. Can be used with any disposable bottle regulators.
    • Patio Cover for Sport Grill MVP

      • Model # PC25
      • Made of sturdy nylon
      • Water resistant
      • Bungee cords keeps it snug
    • Sport Grill MVP Griddle

      • Model # SPG25GD
      • Porcelain coated cast iron
      • Nonstick surface
      • Covers full cooking surface
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    • Carry Bag for 2 Burner Stoves

      • Model # CB60UNV
      • Easy storage and  transport of your stove
      • Durable water resistant material



    • Roller Carry Bag for 2 Burner Stoves

      • Model # RCB60
      • Easy storage and transport
      • Wheels make it easy to get out and around
      • Durable water resistant material


    • 13 x 13 Griddle

      • Model # FG13
      • High quality steel griddle
      • Covers one side of MVP
      • Handle for easy lifting


Camp Chef Sport Grill MVP™ Instructions

  • Setting Up Your MVP

    This quick video helps you set up and take down your Sport Grill MVP


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