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Rust-Oleum Professional Stone Finish Features

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    • Highly durable textured finish:

      Rust-Oleum® Professional ® Stone Finish creates an attractive, decorative stone finish which is highly durable and abrasion resistant withstanding the rigors of harsh weather and daily wear and tear. Stone Finish has the added benefit of creating a non-slip surface that is flexible and highly impact and abrasion resistant. Stone Finish is a 3 part system; to complete a project with Stone Finish you will need: Step 1 Primer, Step 2 Stone Coat and Step 3 Top Coat

      Stone Finish can be used on wood or concrete.

    • Step 1 Primer is textured for maximum adhesion:
      • Rust-Oleum® Stone Finish Step 1 Primer is specifically formulated to provide maximum adhesion for interior or exterior applications.
      • Primer application ensures excellent adhesion to surfaces such as concrete, wood, drywall and masonry.
      • Primer can be applied to vertical or horizontal surfaces.
      • The Primer step provides an important base coat to the Stone Finish system and should not be skipped; it is formulated with an aggregate which strengthens the bond between the Primer and the Stone Coat.
      • Only one coat of primer is necessary.
      • One gallon covers approximately 160 sq. ft.
    • Step 2 Stone Coat is ideal for resurfacing many surfaces:
      • Rust-Oleum® Stone Finish Step 2 Stone Coat: is a flexible stone coating is ideal for resurfacing porches, patios, walkways and more.
      • The highly durable, non slip decorative finish can be used on vertical and horizontal surfaces on interior or exterior applications.
      • Once surface is primed with Stone Finish Step 1 Primer; Stone Finish Step 2 Stone Coat is ready to apply.
      • For best results apply two thin coats with a trowel.
      • Each 4 gallon bucket covers approximately 140 sq. ft.
    • Step 3 Clear Top Coat protects against many types elements:
      • Rust-Oleum® Stone Finish Step 3 is a clear protective top coat that shields against de-icing salt, liquid stains, wear and tear, water damage and harsh weather conditions.
      • After achieving beautiful results from applying Stone Finish Step 2 Stone Coat, it is time to seal and protect the finish with 2 coats of Stone Finish Step 3 Top Coat.
      • Top Coat can be applied to vertical or horizontal surfaces; two coats are recommended for optimum results.
      • Each gallon covers approximately 400 sq. ft.


Rust-Oleum Professional Stone Finish Instructions

  • Step 1- Primer Coat
    • Textured for maximum adhesion of stone coating
    • Apply with 1/2" nap roller or synthetic brush
    • Allow a minimum of 4 hours dry time or until tack free before applying Step 2 Stone Coat
  • Step 2 - Stone Coat
    • Apply with a steel trowel for large areas and/or a scraper for small areas
    • For best results apply two thin coats vs. one heavy coat
    • Allow a minimum 4-6 hours dry time between stone coats; allow 24 hours dry time or until tack free before applying Step 3 Top Coat
  • Clear Top Coat
    • Apply 2 coats with 1/2" nap roller or synthetic brush
    • Two coats of top coat are recommended for optimum results
    • Allow a minimum 24 hours dry time


Rust-Oleum Professional Stone Finish Supplies Needed

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      Additional Supplies Needed :

      • Roller frame and covers (1/2" nap)
      • Synthetic brush
      • Steel trowel for larger areas and/or scraper for smaller areas

      Optional Supplies: 

      • Heavy duty degreaser
      • Concrete patch & repair
      • Concrete etch


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