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Samsung SMH7187STG Microwave Features

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    • Performance:

      Samsung’s SMH7187 over-the-range microwave oven has a large 1.8 cubic foot oven capacity. This means you get more food on the table faster – from that jumbo-sized bag of popcorn to a party platter of chicken wings. Pretty convenient especially when you’re entertaining a large crowd.

      You’ll also enjoy cooking food faster without sacrificing quality. That’s because 1,100 watts of cooking power ensures superior cooking results, and makes optimal cooking of all kinds of foods a breeze.

      With ten different power levels, you have full control over just how much power you use. Inside is a turntable that makes sure your food is evenly cooked. If you like, you have the option to turn it off.

    • Turbo Vent:

      Enjoy fresh air in the kitchen whenever you cook without having to open a window. Samsung’s over-the-range (OTR) microwaves come with a powerful ventilation system that helps keep the kitchen airy and smelling clean.

      Conventional OTR microwaves ventilate at 300 cfm (cubic feet per minute). Samsung’s Turbo Vent technology reaches up to 400 cfm. So it powerfully removes vapors, steam and unpleasant odors caused by cooking. That means you won’t smell that chili long after you’ve finished heating it up.

      This powerful vent fan is also among the quietest, so you can keep the conversation going while entertaining or preparing a meal for the family.

      The SMH7187 also comes with a sleek auto louver that opens automatically when the microwave is in use. The auto louver provides the sleek look of premium stainless steel at all times and makes it easier to keep your microwave looking great. 

    • Convenience:

      Fast, easy, hassle-free cooking is yours with a Samsung microwave. Our sensor technology lets you prepare all of your favorite foods without the need for programming.

      Presets for all of your favorites are right on the control panel. This takes the guesswork out of microwave cooking and allows you to get the most out of your microwave.

      Presets include staples such as popcorn, potato, beverage, frozen dinner, pizza reheat, frozen vegetables, frozen breakfast, and soup/sauce reheat.  However, our superior sensor technology allows additional presets for family favorites such as chicken nuggets, hot dogs, French fries, nachos, chicken wings, potato skins, and more!

      Of course, for the experienced cook, a full complement of manual and custom cooking controls is available.

      Samsung makes it easy to make it your way.


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