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    • VRT™:

      More homes now have laundry rooms upstairs instead of in the basement. While it might be more convenient, it can also be distracting due to noise and vibration, especially if there’s an unbalanced load.

      Samsung’s Vibration Reduction Technology utilizes two rings of stainless steel ball bearings, to help offset the effects of vibration.

      VRT™ technology provides a smooth, quiet performance at spin speeds up to 1300 RPM.

      You won’t have to worry about reinforcing any floors because VRT™ technology ensures that you can install the washer anywhere in the house.

      Upstairs, downstairs, hard floors, stacked, or on pedestals, VRT™ provides a polite performance anywhere.

    • Capacity:

      Why waste time and money doing more loads of laundry than you have to? Especially since the large capacity of Samsung’s VRT™ washers lets you wash more clothes in fewer loads.

      It’s so large that you could fit a king-size comforter, or up to 20 pair of jeans, in a single load.

      Since you don’t have to do as many loads, you save time, money, water, and your sanity.

    • SilverCare™:

      Traditionally, hot water and bleach are used to clean clothes. The problem with this method is that it can be harsh on fabrics.

      Over time, delicate items like blouses and baby clothes may end up looking tattered and worn.

      Samsung has developed a method of cold-water sanitization called SilverCare™, to address this problem. Samsung’s SilverCare™ cycle option avoids the harsh effects of hot water by enabling laundry to be cleaned gently and effectively in cold water. There’s no need for bleach because SilverCare™ technology uses the power of silver to remove bacteria.

      And, since it uses cold water, Samsung’s SilverCare™ process provides a 92% energy savings over washers that use hot water sanitization.

      So you’ll never be ‘Taken to the Cleaners’ because of energy bills.

    • Diamond Drum:

      Samsung’s Diamond Drum tub design provides gentle fabric care for all your fabrics – even handwashables.

      Smaller drain holes located at the bottom of a diamond-shaped recess reduces wear and tear on your garments. Clothes won’t snag and will have fewer pulled fibers.

      Samsung’s Diamond Drum will help keep your clothes looking new.

    • Optional Pedestal Accessory:

      Doing laundry is a chore that can literally be a pain in the neck. 

      Loading and unloading the machine can cause a strain if the washer is too low to the ground.
      Samsung’s VRT™ washers ease the burden by featuring a 15” pedestal, which is high enough to make doing laundry more convenient. 

      The spacious storage bin with a divider adds even more convenience to the pedestal.  And it’s large enough to store those super-sized 100 oz. detergent bottles.


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