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Refinishing Hardwood Floors Instructions

  • Preparation and Sanding

    Preparing the Floor for Sanding 

    • Remove all contents from the room
    • Cover air vents in room
    • Cover door openings with a drop sheet
    • Remove quarter round molding
    • Mask off areas that you don't want stained or finished
    • Turn off the heat and air conditioning
    • Reset or remove exposed nails
  • Preparation and Sanding (cont.)

    About the EZV Floor Sander 

    • The floor sander is quiet and fast
    • The floor sander gets rid of virtually all airborne dust
    • It fits into the trunk of most cars
    • No experience is necessary to operate the EZV disc sander


  • Preparation and Sanding (cont.)

    Prepare the Sander for Use

    • Turn off and unplug sander
    • Make sure inner cloth vacuum bag is empty
    • NEVER leave sawdust in filter bag when sander is not in use
    • Sawdust with old floor finish on it is combustible
    • Use each grit in the correct order to achieve proper sanding
    • Start with the 36 grit sandpaper disc
    • Tilt the sander back, lay sander on floor resting on handle
    • Attach the 36 grit sanding disc to the sander
    • Raise handle, support the axel with foot while placing the sander on the floor
    • Remove the quick release pin to move handle from the transport to operating position
  • Preparation and Sanding (cont.)

    Operating the Sander

    • Plug in
    • Put on proper safety equipment
    • Tilt the EZ-V disc floor sander, turn on the vacuum and sander switch
    • Use even motions
    • The 36 grit sandpaper removes the old finish and levels out the floor
    • Check and empty the bag frequently
  • Preparation and Sanding (cont.)

    Sanding the Floor

    • If needed, use your hand sander with 60 grit sandpaper
    • Smooth the floor with the 50 grit sandpaper discs
    • Smooth the floor with the 80 grit sandpaper discs
    • Vacuum the floor
    • Empty sawdust in vacuum bag
  • Staining

    Staining the Floor  

    • Change the color of your floor (Optional)
    • Varathane’s Premium Wood stain provides even color and comes in a many colors
    • Look for Varathane’s trial size packs
    • Stir the can contents
    • Pour into a tray wide enough for a 10 inch oil-based applicator
    • Apply the stain evenly on the floor in the direction of the grain
    • For even penetration and coverage, wipe off excess stain
    • Dispose of rags properly
    • Once first coat is complete, you can determine if additional coats are necessary
    • Each coat will darken the wood
    • Wait a minimum of 2 hours between coats
    • Do not sand between coats
    • Let dry
  • Protection

    Protecting the Floor

    • Protect your floors with Varathane Floor Finish
    • For a water-based finish, use a clean synthetic applicator
    • For oil based finishes, use a natural lamb’s wool applicator
    • Stir the Varathane Floor Finish carefully
    • Lightly dip the applicator into the Floor Finish
    • Squeeze off any excess product before applying
    • Apply the Finish following the direction of the grain of the wood
    • Keep a wet edge for a seamless floor
    • Apply the finish in one thin continuous stroke
  • Protection (cont.)

    Hard-to-Reach Areas and Drying Times

    • Use a Varathane brush around the edge of the floors
    • Use a natural bristle brush for water-based finishes
    • Use a synthetic brush for oil based finishes
    • Follow the directions on can for the minimum number of coats to achieve the best protection for your floor
    • Dry times may vary depending on conditions
    • When the floor is ready for normal use, furniture can be moved back
    • Wait two weeks before putting rugs back into place
  • Troubleshooting


    • The EZ-V Sander is designed to be easy to use and trouble free
    • Empty the vacuum bag
    • Make sure both switches being turned on
    • Make sure you’ve plugged the sander into a working outlet
    • Reset circuit breakers if needed
    • Make sure sandpaper is attached to the bottom of the sander
  • Safety


    • DO NOT attempt to service the sander
    • DO NOT leave the sander plugged in when not in use
    • Use on interior wood floors only
    • DO NOT operate the sander where liquids could enter the electrical components of the machine
    • Wear safety glasses with side shields and proper hearing protection
    • Wear protective clothing
    • Keep away from moving parts
    • Connect to a 15 AMP service
    • DO NOT use an extension cord
    • DO NOT pull or carry the sander by the cord
    • DO NOT operate the sander with a two pronged adapter
    • Never leave sawdust in filter bag when sander is not in use
    • DO NOT operate where anesthetics and oxygen are used
    • DO NOT use around flammable or combustible liquids


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