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Whirlpool Duet® Steam Washers and Dryers Features

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    • Power of Steam Washing: There’s clean. Then there’s steam clean. Like carpets and furniture, clothing benefits from the natural cleaning power of steam. Stains from grass to grease are steamed away without pretreating.
    • Ultra Capacity: The Duet Steam washer can handle up to 16 pairs of jeans in a single load, all while using much less water and energy than a traditional top-load washer. No other front-load washer cleans a larger load.
    • Effortlessly Efficient: With efficient operation that automatically adjusts to your loads, you’ll get excellent results using 73% less water and 77% less energy.
    • Sanitary Cycle and Self Care: At least 99.9% of test organisms are removed when using the washer’s sanitization cycle. The Duet Steam is one of the first washers to be NSF certified to sanitize.
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    • Power of Steam Drying: Nothing beats the power of steam to get rid of wrinkles. The Duet Steam® dryer naturally steams out wrinkles in just minutes, while removing any lingering odors.
    • Quick Refresh Cycle: The Quick Refresh cycle relaxes wrinkles and removes odors. Throw in 1–3 garments and they’ll go from lying there to ready to wear in just minutes.
    • Enhanced Touch-Up Cycle: For a full load of laundry that’s been forgotten in the dryer overnight, choose the Enhanced Touch-Up cycle for 20 minutes of steam and tumbling to relax set-in wrinkles.
    • Dry Time = Wash Time: With cycles designed to work together, you can eliminate the lag time between loads and get the laundry done faster.


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